pizzeria seven twelve

We took an afternoon date to Pizzeria 712 yesterday, to not only eat our favorite pizza ever and get some time alone before we leave the country (and have no instant babysitters on hand), but to also see Steve's Aunt Holly who is apprenticing at the restaurant.  In other words, she is our inside to all the delicious tricks and secrets to what makes that place so good. This place really does serve the best pizza, in my opinion.  No offense to NYC or Denmark, but the top notch pizza restaurants we have tried (even legit Italian pizza in Denmark) still hold second to our Pizzeria 712 in little old Orem, Ut. Something about the dough and the simple yet fresh ingredients.  Every time we go we are further convinced.

Very excited to go eat 
(we had a few minutes to hang out in the car- and play with our camera- as we got there a little bit too early)

Mexican coke for me, green olives for Steve, and hummus to share.

Margherita for me. Uh-mazing.

 Sopressata for Steve. Equally as delicious. 

Snuck a picture of Holly working the oven

Dessert: Chocolate pudding

Even better with the cookie crumbled in

Holly working the dough. Isn't she a babe?

It was a great lunch date. 
{and a special shout out and thank you to Holly.... she knows why!}


Kate Magleby said...

Holly is a hottie!!!!

Kim & Clay said...

I LOVE their Margherita. Mmmm. Your post is making me insist on going back very soon. So cool that Steve's aunt got to apprentice there!