saying goodbye to friends

Vinn is quite the doggy lover

We ventured up to Kaysville on Monday to say goodbye to my dear friend Shannon Day and her little girl Layla and little boy Rider. She is expecting baby number three any day now, and it kills me that I won't be here for when that little boy arrives. We enjoyed the late morning and early afternoon talking about her upcoming delivery, eating lunch, and just hanging out. It was exactly what I needed after a busy week prior of organizing and packing. 

When we got there I was holding Vincent in the kitchen and he kept leaning over my shoulder jibber jabbering and being super wiggly like he wanted to see something. For a minute I could not figure out what he wanted until I spotted Kashi over by the window. He wanted to see the dog so badly. I set him up near the window and he was loving just checking him out. It was so cute. I told Shannon that he probably likes him from behind the window but wouldn't so much if he were any closer. We brought Kashi in to see how Vinny would react and to my surprise, he was loving him! He didn't even mind when Kashi would lick his face. It was pretty cute, and very different from Jayne's reaction to dogs (sheer agonizing fear... no exaggeration). 

"Hey you."

How cute are these two together? Jayne and Layla had fun playing together in her room. These two get along so well and I love it.

I am going to miss this girl like crazy!

Hugs goodbye

Nice Jayne, nice.


On Thursday my friend Kim organized a little get together with our group of friends as a little farewell on my behalf. We met up at Provo Beach Resort for lunch, treats, and to let the little kids play and run around (and to ride the carousel of course). 

Kim made the yummiest cookie dough cupcakes. I'm still thinking about them.

Kate brought cake bites. I will miss cake bites when we were in Chile, this I know.

Jayne and Ellie-- quite the little buds. I will miss having them get together. 

Keri with Krugh and Jade. 

Jessie-- who drove all 45 minutes from Nephi to be there-- with Avery (and Max).

It seriously meant so much to me that all of them took the time to come. It's usually hard to get all of us together at once since a couple have moved farther away and we all have varying schedules with kids and work, etc. It was such a treat to see all these girls (and their kids) one last time before I left. I love them so much!!!  Thanks chicas!!!

Now back to packing. Have a great day!


Kim & Clay said...

I have to admit I was a little down after our get-together knowing Ellie and I won't get to see you guys for quite awhile! I love you so much and can't wait for a rockin' summer! Although I might be rockin in inside a little bit with a newborn :)Good luck in Chile and keep in touch.

Bonnie said...

Omg I can't believe you guys are going out of the country again. Good luck! I really do wish we could have been able to hang out, but I hope you and the fam are able to rock it in Chile and make lots of friends! PS I love Vin and the dog- so cute where he is loving on Kashi. Abby loves dogs too.

ashley schmutz said...

DON'T LEAVE!!!!!!!

Jessie said...

dayna, we miss you!!! we had a girl's lunch today and thought of you :)

ps. i hope it's ok i'm stealing pictures off your blog...love ya!