We went to dinner up at Sundance Foundry Grill on Friday to celebrate three birthdays this month: Eric, Mike, and Javier. It felt good to get all dressed up having been in scrubs that whole week whilst packing and cleaning and getting ready to leave the country. Steve and I got a new camera lens for Christmas from my parents so we (more like I) wanted to test it out. I could pretend like Steve begged me take these pictures of myself and I was all embarrassed and didn't want to but what the heck i'll just pose and smile!....... but lets get serious, I asked him to.  I need proof for my kids that I am not always a scrub in sweats with no make up on every day. Any way, it was fun to pretend to be cool though for just a minute, not gonna lie, and I really do love this lens (Canon 50mm f/1.8).

One of few shots I could get of Steve. Surprised? 
Its ok though cause he's got a nice toosh if I do say so myself.

My gnocchi- delish

Steve's filet minon- also delish

Wanna be our friends???

Twins with our stripes

Chocolate pot de creme. I need to learn to make this. Heaven on a spoon.

Max- the origami expert- getting a good look at the stars

Sundance is one of our very favorite spots and if you've never been, do yourself a favor and go there!

And don't forget to order the chocolate pot de creme.


Kim & Clay said...

We LOVE the Foundry Grill. We saw Robert Redford there one time, so that was fun. I am totally getting the pot de creme next time!

Angie said...

I'm happy you got that lens! Love it!! It'll change your life (probably already has)! You're a hottie and I love your sense of style. And also I love sundance, especially the foundry. Klane got that gnocchi when we were there over the holidays, soooo good! Next time I'll try the dessert. :) Good luck with packing!

Smith, Here! said...

i love that i see some danish influence in your style, your so cute.

ashley schmutz said...

hottie with a body!