This here is the LDS church building we will attend every Sunday for the next six months. Like you may have noticed, it is behind a gate, as almost everything is. It's not that it isn't safe, it's just a South American thing, Steve says.  I had an interesting time trying to pay attention to an all Spanish speaking sacrament meeting. On the plus side, the members there are all very friendly, and there are a couple other American families in the ward, which means we might just have found ourselves some friends. Bonus!

It is crazy to see all the homes lining up the mountain top

The street our church is on

Most people here are Catholic. 

On our way home we walked by a farmer's market. I couldn't believe how much produce there was being sold. We don't buy things on Sunday, as part of keeping the sabbath day holy, otherwise I would have been all over this. 

They were selling handmade crafts as well

The pedestrian button we push every day to cross the street. "Espere luz verde"
Vinn passed out on the way home from church. What a cutie.

Here's a look at the barbed wire and electric fencing I was telling you about. 

And a quick Sunday dress photo op
Jayne stuck stickers all over herself during church

This is kind of random but I thought I'd share. Since just before the new year, Steve and I started doing fruit/vegetable smoothies almost every day for lunch. It is the very best way to get fruits and vegetables in the body. And we have become quite addicted. We change them up every day with different fruits, but we try to stick a carrot and spinach in every time. The one above was our smoothie this afternoon- carrots, spinach, blackberries, blueberries, banana, water, ice, and strawberry activia bioculture juice. 

It's fun to see how the colors vary depending on what you put in. 

now it's time for a nap. 
good night!


Kim & Clay said...

I'm so jealous to get to wear summer clothes now.

And thanks for the smoothie recipe -- we do green smoothies every day too and are always looking for new combos.

Smith, Here! said...

Dayna - such a cool experience for your family - love that! Maybe your babes can come back with a spanish accent ;)

Shannon said...

where did you get your dress?