this and that

This here is Jayne passed out and sick on our bed the other day. You might be thinking 'poor thing! why won't they get her some clothes and some blankets and make her comfortable!' But what you don't know, is that she is on the verge of sweating because there is no AC (don't worry we purchased two fans, one for each bedroom that has made a world of a difference) and absolutely nothing was making her happy for a good hour until she found this position on our bed. She konked right out. Baby is doing much much better today. Thank goodness!

That right there is my vincent enjoying a sweet strawberry at dinnertime 

'my precious...'

This was our dinner last night- cheese empanadas, or emapanas con queso. sooo goood. 

This is Jayne before she was feeling better. Unhappy. No pictures, please. 

That is our swimming pool!!!! We love it!

These are the beautiful grounds on which we live. 

This is Jayne, today, feeling much more like herself (still a bit sick but much better than before). I caught her checking herself out in the mirror while eating her lunch. 

There's a smile!

And a laugh! Yes, a laugh!

And the little one is finally eating again which is great because she was starting to look anorexic.
She ate two peanut butter sandwiches in one sitting. That's my girl!


Chelsea said...

your place looks so nice.. that pool is awesome! so did your apartment come all furnished, or did you have to get everything? i can't even wrap my mind around the logistics of a move like that, but it looks like you guys have it all under control.

Angie said...

I'm so happy she's doing better! And your new digs look awesome.