we made it!

me and vincent enjoying the view from our back patio on this hot sweaty day

we made it safe and sound to santiago early monday morning. it was a long travel, with a very sick baby in tow {jayne}. she hadn't been feeling so hot before we left, so we took her to a doctor before leaving (jayne's doctor was not available so we had to go to someone else..won't mention any names) to figure out what was wrong and she couldn't seem to figure it out {i could complain on this forever in a whole other post... but i'll spare you the vent sesh} and we left the country in hopes she'd get better on her own. sadly, she got drastically worse on the plane ride there, and we had to take her to a hospital that night in santiago. lets just say i was freaking out
a little. <------ thats a lie. i was freaking out a lot. where do we take her? is the care good enough? what if it's something really serious? will our insurance cover it? obviously i knew that she'd probably have to see someone at some point in the 6 months of living here, but i figured i'd have more time to research that out first. thankfully the clinic here took excellent care of her and took her blood to run some tests. she came back positive on strep and now we are waiting to see if she is positive on mono. apparently two year olds can get mono. who knew. poor thing is the sickest she's ever been which leaves us feeling a little bit helpless. she's on an antibiotic now and should be feeling better within the next couple of days.{major sigh of relief here}. we'll find out if she also has mono tomorrow. i have a feeling she does (because of her symptoms) but we'll see.

aside from our dilemma with our sick little girl, our first impression upon arriving here was a good one. chile is beautiful! in some ways it reminds me a lot of utah with its mountains, but it is also so different in a lot of ways and much more tropical then i had remembered (i came here in 2008 with steve and his soccer team). the climate is wonderful- warm in the day, cool at night, not too dry, not too humid. our first interactions have been with very friendly chileans. they are kind, offer to help, the first to say 'hola!', and we learned quickly that greetings are accompanied with a big hug and kisses to the cheek (love it). it drives me absolutely bonkers that i can't speak spanish since being here. it is frustrating to have to rely on steve to talk to anyone and i can't just do it on my own. it makes me feel insecure and it's just no fun and i don't like it (have i made myself clear?). so, with that said, my new year resolution is to learn spanish. wish me luck. it's going to happen, people.

although we are not living in the heart of the city, our apartment is in a really nice, gated, safe area about 15 minutes out and we really like it. it has beautiful grounds and a nice swimming pool (which will be great for the kids), and a little gym (when i feel motivated). we are close to a big mall and grocery store, and close to the church. although our apartment is small, it's cozy and has the basic necessities (with the exception of a working vacuum, and if you know me and my obsession with a clean home (not yours- just mine), this is one thing that will have to be remedied quickly).

we have spent the past couple days unpacking and getting settled, that is, when we aren't helping jayne feel comfortable. like i said, she is having a hard time. it breaks my heart and makes me sad that there isn't more i can do except wait for her to get better and do my best to console her.

we are excited to get to know this city better and to explore in and around the many places we have heard about from those of you who have been here (or know people that have). many thanks go out to those who have given us tips and advice. we really appreciate it and feel really lucky to have so many people looking out for us (family and strangers alike). we feel really lucky to have this opportunity and are excited for the experiences we will have here. like jayne says, "it's an adventure!"


Jen Richards said...

I cannot believe you are in Chile. You guys are such a brave and awesome family to make that trip!! And I am so sorry to hear about Jayne. Please keep us posted as to how she is doing. I am really excited for you to have this experience (and a little jealous too! Chile is awesome!). Please update your blog A LOT so I can see all the cool things you guys are doing. Be safe, have fun, and post TONS of pictures!!! Love you and your beautiful babies :)

Casey said...

Good Luck! I have such fond memories of that soccer trip...being sick the entire time! That was the worst food poisoning I have ever experienced in my life. Enjoy Chile! We were potentially going to be going down there too, but our plans fell through. We still want to make it down there sometime in the future though. Eat lots of completos for Jeff!

The McKinleys said...

so glad you made it safely!! but so sorry to hear about jayne. that is NO bueno. (thought i'd throw in the little spanish i know! :) hope she gets better soon.

S.DAY said...

typing one handed and tying to nurse. sorry for short comment.
love you. thank you. happy youre there safe. so so so sorry to hear about jayne.
more soon, xo

Spencer and Mackenzie said...

so sorry Jayne is sick! When we moved to australia both my kids had bronchitis - diagnosed the day before. Not ideal but it's only up from here! hope you have a blast!

Angie said...

It kind of does look like utah! Crazy. So sad to hear about Jayne's sickness! I hope she feels better soon. Glad to hear things are going well! can't wait to hear more!