Baños Colina

On Vinny's actual birthday, we took a day trip to a place called Banos Colinas, a three hour drive up the canyon to these natural hot springs. It is at the very end of the canyon and pretty much the middle of nowhere!  We caravanned with a few other families from our ward, who wanted to get one last "hurrah" before their kids start school next week. It was a much needed, and much appreciated day out as we hadn't been out of our little area at all since the day we moved here, and we were all itching do something different for a day and to see something new Santiago has to offer. 

We drove on a windy narrow (no barrier) road through the canyon that made me nearly pass out with my fear of heights, but the views were absolutely beautiful and helped me to forget my impending death below ;)  On the drive up we passed by a young boy riding his horse in the opposite direction. I was so glad to be able to capture a picture. Totally depicts where we are right now and I love it. 

The hot springs are higher in elevation, which was great because it made for cooler weather- better for getting in warm water.  Once there, you walk up a pathway to get to the top of the hot springs. The highest hot spring is VERY HOT. They get cooler the farther you go down (but not much cooler than a warm bath tub). The very lowest pool of water, is actually not water at all, but rather a big pool of mineral mud. People put the mud on their skin (some all over their entire body and in their hair) for the benefits it brings- soft, silky skin/hair (once washed off of course). Even getting in the lower pools just above the mud bath, were murky with the mud, so just entering the water made your skin feel silky smooth. It was pretty awesome. 

Jayne and Vinny were loving the warm water especially compared to their cold pool at home. Most hot springs are known for their nasty rotten egg smell (sulfur) but it surprisingly didn't smell at all. The only time you would smell the sulfur was when you put your nose right up in the mud. So those of us with a cake mask definitely got a good whiff. 

Any way, below are the pictures from our time there. Get ready for picture overload people (what else is new?)

The drive through the canyon. Beautiful mountains. 

The highest and hottest hot spring. Look how beautiful the water is!

The views were gorgeous

I'm guessing whoever runs this place (in the middle of nowhere) lives in that home below

Water from the higher pools, stream down into the lower pools, causing miniature waterfalls like the one below...

Check out that belly!

Elizabeth, Laura, Me, Martha, Melinda, Ellie- spa day for the ladies

Caked from head to toe!

Jayne and Evie are becoming quite the besties... she's the older sister she never had

One of the lower baths

Hey look mom! I got a Cheerio!

Special shout outs to Martha who coordinated this entire event, and who graciously drove us to and fro. She is seriously awesome. We had such a great time, and it was definitely one of those experiences we'll never forget.   


Traci said...

Dayna, oh my gosh, I'm dying!!! Hooray! The Kings are from our ward!! Ellie is one of Chloe's friends! I'm so glad you are in the same area as them, they are an amazing family! Tell Melinda hi from me and give Ellie a hug from Chloe! I love how small the world is! PS. I'm living an adventurous life through you...I even tucked in a shirt with a skinny belt the other day! Haha! Love you!

Angie said...

This is so cool!!! I love all the pictures.