blue stripes for a playground day

$6 shirt on sale at Zara. I love what it does to her eyes.

Her hair is officially long enough for a single french braid.

We took the kids to a nearby playground to let them goof around and so Steve and I could try and work out (it's been a while... for me at least)


The cutest old men were sitting in that spot for hours, talking and laughing like old friends catching up after years apart. I conspicuously took a picture of them cause I just loved watching them interact. 

Stevie starting Vinny young on the technique of a pull up


Oh dear, I sure love that girl

Hey there!  Wanna stretch?

Babies in sunglasses

I need to explain this last picture. So one thing Chile is known for (and kind of a common joke) is how you'll often see a bunch of workers just sleeping on the side of the street in the afternoon, while one or two are doing all the work. Here is proof, and I kid you not... there were indeed two other guys working on the road right outside this picture (I wish I had captured that as well). The culture here is to eat a big lunch and then zonk out for a couple hours. Maybe they take turns every day? Who knows. The guys on the right were laughing as I took this picture, as if they knew exactly why I was taking it. Gotta love it. 


Hannah said...

your daugthers eyes are sooooo beautiful. i love these playground photos and gosh, these two kids!!! Sooo cute!!! Would love to babysitt them... but i live in munich/germany...

Angie said...

You're such a good photographer! And I love the candids you get of the Chileans. :) Those old men were so cute and I laughed at the sleeping workers.

Oh and of course, your family is gorgeous.