date night

we went on a "hot date" saturday. just to be clear, our kids came along... and FYI- don't ever try to have a date night with your kids. i promise you it won't feel like a hot date, let alone a date at all. maybe your kids are less crazy than our kids and it does work for you, and if that's so, you should know that i don't like you very much. just kidding........

but seriously.

you might be wondering why we didn't save ourselves the trouble and call a babysitter. problem is this.
we don't have a car, and our options for babysitters are not within walking distance. which means their mother would have to drop them off and pick them up, so we might as well just ask their mom to babysit  and pay us for it too while they're at it.  #ireallymissmyoncallsitters@home

this little girl below saw me getting ready that night and begged to wear one of my necklaces. of course it looks silly on her but i wasn't about to say 'no' to a little girls dream of wearing her mommy's jewelry. i wish you could have seen the way her personality changed when i put that around her neck. she was happier, better behaved, and walked with all the confidence in the world. 

signing "more please"... we're working on getting him to stop shrieking at the top of his lungs for food

nice one vinn!

we ate at Ruby Tuesdays and i devoured a delicious burger, fries, and an oreo dessert.  
very best part was that the restaurant was air conditioned. yyyeeeesssss.  
i had to be carried out of that restaurant by the chef himself. 

jayne got a red balloon with her meal that poor vinny was tortured with.

having a conversation about staying in our chair and not hitting people with the balloon... guess the effects of the necklace only lasted so long...


there was live music being played in the center of the mall when we left the restaurant. i kept envisioning me and steve out there dancing to it together, a possibility had we been out to eat by ourselves. 
keep on dreaming woman!

and while i do love my children dearly, and you shouldn't take my bantering tone too seriously, sometimes couples need a night out alone every once in a while... 

am i right? yes.

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Bonnie said...

Ha! We went on a date with Abby last week... and it was awesome(ish)! That probably had to do with the fact that we left her at her cousin's house so we could catch a matinee ALONE. When we picked her up we went shopping (and got some great stuff on clearance- always puts me in a good mood)- and ate at the Cheesecake Factory (yum.) She was happy to see us after our movie, I guess, she was so well behaved for the rest of the night. We told her at dinner that she was on a date with Mom and Dad, and that she was so lucky to be our date. That day was made so much sweeter with our movie!
I love that first picture of Jayne in her dress and big girl jewelry- and the conversation about staying in your chair, ha!