Feliz Cumpleaños a Vinny

Dear Vincent,

    When you born one year ago, you surprised me. I wasn't expecting you for another couple weeks (at least) but no no! you were ready and eager to enter this world. Your excitement and enthusiasm for life is evident every day. You are a true little boy with an inquisitive nature- you love to explore and discover and point to all the things around you. You love to make messes and get dirty. You never like to sit still. You have so much energy and wildness about you and yet, you have a sweet tender little spirit too. You give out the best open mouthed kisses. Since you were born you would cry if you heard your sister cry and you will get sad if you know she is too. You love her so much and she loves you equally. You two are quite the little partners in crime, and you both have quite the lungs. I hope as you grow up that you'll know how much your family loves you. I can't kiss you or munch on your cheeks enough in the day. I thank Heavenly Father every day to have you in my life and to be your mother. You have a special spot in my heart as my "little man" and I will love you forever. Happy Birthday. 



Hey Mr. Vinn,

I can't believe it's already been a year since you joined our family.  Ever since you surprised us with an early trip to the hospital you've kept us on our toes.  You are an energetic, fun-loving kid and I can't wait to watch you grow up into a young man.  Everyone who is around always tells us what a good, happy kid you are and it's so true.  You are a joy to be around and you make everyone around you happier.  We love to hear you laugh and play as you get in to everything you can find.  I'm so grateful to be your dad and hope that I can be a good example for you in your life.  You've already shown a lot of the same interests as me even in your short time here in our family.  So we're off to a good start.  Keep doing what your doing and enjoying life as you learn more and more about this life and what the world has to offer.  You've been blessed with the gospel in your life and I hope you will learn to appreciate the many blessings that the gospel brings.  You're a stud and I love you so much.  Happy 1st birthday buddy!



What do you want to say to Vinny for his birthday? "Candles."
Do you love Vinny? "Yup."
Is he cute? "Yup."
Who is cuter? Vinny or Jayne? "Jayne."
Is Vinny funny? "Yup."
Who is funnier? Vinny or Jayne? "Vinny."
What do you like to do with Vinny? "Play. And play with toys."
Do you like to kiss or hug Vinny? "Hug him. I hug him mommy."
But do you like to kiss him too? "Yup."
Who is your best friend? Is it Vinny? "No.... It's Easton.It's my first friend is Easton." (the first person her age we met here-- Sorry Vinn).

images from his birthday party last night 
(cake and ice cream with just us- over videochat with Steve's parents)

Our birthday present to him was a legit little soccer ball. He was SO excited when he got it.
 He is truly a mini Steve.

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