iphone pics and an update.

1. fun yellow flowers on our dining table
2. steve walking home @ night from playing soccer
3 & 4. swimming with my pretty girl.
5. sharing an alfajores with the vinnster
6. cute little leggies on a walk
7. my sunglasses man
8. enjoying bread and a smoothie
9. jayne being silly
10. coloring while vinny naps and dad is away.

steve left for his first tryout this morning with Lo Barnechea (his first choice for a team)
i am so nervous and just hope he does his best and has fun. 
it will probably be a week process of playing with the team before we find out anything, but i'll be sure to keep you posted. 

i sure hope he flashes that winning smile. they can't say no to that, right?!

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Angie said...

Good luck Steve!