jayne's shenanigans

jayne "napping"- as in, watching a movie on the ipad while vinny is napping
so we can get a short break since she doesn't nap during the day

jayne says and does the funniest things every day, and i wish i was better about writing them down the moment they happen otherwise they are quickly forgotten and i beat myself up later for not doing it.  so i figured i'd document some funny things she's be doing/saying lately for memory's sake. 

the girl has got some major sass. her latest thing is putting her hands on her hips when she's upset. when she doesn't get her way she'll plant those fists down on each side and say with a furrowed brow things like:
"no. dat makes me sad. i not happy." (pouty face)
"no mommy. dat would make me very sad." (pouty face)
"no dinny. stop doing that. i will be very mad." (angry face)
"you are not very nice to me! i'm going home!" (pouty face)
"stop. it. right. now!" (angry face)

or... on the flip side.. when she wants to get her way, she'll put on bright eyes and a big smile and with a cheery high-pitched voice she'll say things like:

"oooooo pretzels!!! i love pretzels! i want some! that would make me soooo happy!!!"
"oh! look! princess ball! let's buy it! that would make me soooo happy!!!"
"mom! i want some pretzels and cheerios in my cup. that would be so much FUN!!!"

or she'll work with the "magic words"...

"mom, can i have some chocolate milk, please?" (i'm so proud)
but it's usually more like...
"mom, can i have some chocolate milk?" (pause. i give her "the look") and then she'll say "please?" (followed up by a little giggle)

or since we've been teaching her a few words in Spanish, it will often go something like this:

"mom? can i have some pretzels por favor?"
or my favorite,
"mom? can i por favor pretzels in my cup?"
or my other favorite, 
"mom? can i have some chocolate milk gracias?"
she gets the two a little mixed up sometimes, bless her little heart. 

sometimes she'll whisper so softly and put her hands on my cheeks to ask for something. 
that one is deadly. 

i need to mention though, that her all time most common phrase she says every day multiple times a day is this:

"mom, i wanna watch a baba with my movie!" (as in, drink a bottle while watching a movie)
i don't have it in me to correct her and i'll be a little sad the day she stops saying it like that.

and having just read through my post before pushing "publish" i have noticed a common trend with pretzels and chocolate milk and babas. clearly, they are the three main staples of her diet. 

i'm a good mom... i think. 

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MikeReid said...

haha this one made me laugh out loud while sitting by myself at home