just a typical sunday

all dressed for church
back pack? check. 
sippy cup? check.
snacks? check.

snuck in a shot of the handsome hub

i did my hair.. not typical

a guy riding his horse down the street... no big deal. 
but really. it is very typical here, happens all the time. 

see lots of painted walls on our walk back home from church.
Jayne: "They got paint on the walls. They're gonna be in big trouble."

Man with a diaper bag = hot

Oh hi there! My turn? Sure, I guess I'll pose for a couple photos.... why not... ;)

Cute little door hidden in the ivy

Walking down the "rollercoaster" as Jayne likes to call it 
(the wheelchair/stroller friendly pathway to get to our building door)

and looky looky! a little preview for tomorrow's post....

hope your sunday was swell.

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Angie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Seriously, these are beautiful! The lighting is SO great in your pictures! Amazing. I miss summertime. These look so warm.