our valentine's day

The only day for PDA!

this valentine's day might have been my very favorite one yet. this was the first year that jayne understood the excitement of valentine's day, and it made celebrating so much more fun!  the night before, i set up a heart banner above the couch and taped hearts along the kitchen table wall. jayne had helped color the hearts the week before and she was so excited to see them all displayed when she woke up that morning. i also got the table ready for a valentine's day breakfast and we set up their gift so they could open it that morning. vinny obviously couldn't care less about the decorations,  but he certainly loved his valentine's day gift from us- a big bouncy ball. that kid is obsessed with balls and they are about the only thing he likes to play with. we got jayne princess markers and some little girl lip gloss (she is always asking to wear my make up and she saw some little girls at church putting on lip gloss... she was so envious). she loved it!

opening the gift (she looks like she could climb right in that bag)

our breakfast- heart shaped french toast

Vinny chasing his ball around all morning

That afternoon I took Jayne to a Valentine's Day party that a friend of mine at church was hosting at her place. Steve stayed with Vinny so I wouldn't have to juggle him around while trying to help Jayne and so I could actually enjoy the party. 

Jayne's bag and valentines she helped make for her valentine exchange party

Being a little shy at a new place

Playing with the balloons

The spread. It was delicious!

My friend, who hosted the party, made this delicious punch with heart shaped ice. So pretty!

Waiting in line to hand out her valentines

Enjoying her loot

A few of her friends at the party (I can't remember the first girl's name, Mary, Kaylie, & Russel)

They decorated sugar cookies

Jayne had such a blast and it was so fun to see her experience some of the fun this holiday has to bring. She was so good about saying "happy valentine's day" to people and was loving every minute of the excitement. It was fun to meet some other nice moms and enjoy the afternoon together. We had a great time!

That evening we gave the kids an early dinner and then put them to BED. Steve and I planned a romantic evening in, and had a joint effort preparing a delicious meal. Steve showered while I got the kids down and then I got ready while he started on the steak. When I came out to help him, I was surprised to find this on the table just for me:

Yellow roses and a gift. It made me laugh how he put the yellow roses in with the flowers I already had from the week before. Such a boy thing to do, but I think it's cute and funny.

Set up the timer on the camera in order to get some pictures of us together

Dinner included: Spring green feta strawberry salad to start
Steak and creamy scalloped potatoes
fresh bread and olive oil
apple water

It was so nice to just sit with peace and quiet and enjoy a delicious meal together without the kids.

Dessert? Haagen Dazs Oreo ice cream in bed with a movie (In time)

The ice cream and company were much better than the movie... In Time was entertaining, but not worth the five bucks!

Thanks babe for such a special day. I feel so lucky that you are mine, forever and ever. 


Crystal said...

I looove your progressive picture thingy at the top. ow ow! looks like u had such an amazing valentines day. i love the heart banner and so fun that jayne is starting to get it! Love her!

Crystal said...

oh and btw you are a total babe. thanks for hogging all the good genes jerk