red pants

i chose some red skinny jeans to wear on our "date" saturday.

colored pants, tucked in shirts, and heels/wedges are a recent fave of mine. (which although were fun to wear, were probably a bad idea for walking all the way to dinner to... ouch.) my closet is certainly not worth bragging about, but i do enjoy working with what i have, and finding things that suit my personal style within our small shopping budget. and while i am not transforming my blog into a fashion blog, i am going to try sharing more of the things i enjoy/find interesting/inspiring/etc. this is one of them.

i often get asked where i like to shop and/or advice on dressing fashionable. though i would hardly say i am any kind of fashionista (in fact, i would go so far as to say i'm not... since most of my days are spent in either sweats or PJs), i will say i have picked up a few things along the way of what i think works and what i think doesn't for those days or nights i do happen to get myself ready.

so today i'll share my thoughts on the following:

colored pants. 

looove them. i'm all about the skinny jean when it comes to a colored pair. but if you aren't loving skinny, go on the opposite end with a bell bottom flare. also, if i'm wearing a bold color (like my red jeans), I would pair them with a neutral top (grey, blacks, white, etc.). multi-hues can be a little distracting, but if you are going to colorblock with your top, play with complimentary colors, and just pick one! or if you're feeling extra adventurous but don't want to colorblock... paint your toes to match.

tucked in shirts. 

i think tucked in shirts can be extra flattering on just about everyone.  you can also change the "look" of an outfit with a tuck or no tuck. leave your shirt out for a more casual feel, or tuck it in to give it a more polished feel.  if you're going to tuck, i'd recommend a skinny belt to complete the look.


i've never been a huge heel fan. flats were my go-to shoe for every occasion, and still are, most of the time. but you guys, i had no idea what i was missing out on!!!! heels are fun, feminine, and can really add to an outfit and dress things up. pair your skinny jeans with flats for a more casual look, or wear them with heels for a nicer outing.

i have my heart set on these for spring:

forever 21. I love the zipper detail. plus they're cheap. yes, please!

i love that mango color from forever21 and Gap (on the right) has some great options as well if you're willing to splurge a little.

Gap. Colored khakis (on the right) and chinos are fun as well. I am digging that bold blue color.

Lastly, I looove these bell-bottomed flairs by MiH jeans:

which sadly, are no longer online but those little pockets and that straight seam down the front of the legs are what i call fashion eye candy.

for those who are curious, my jeans are from Gap, my shoes and belt are from H&M, and my top is from Forever 21. 


Traci said...

Seriously so dang cute...I want your little body! You and Chloe have similar style, but she hasn't ventured out to heels yet....:)

Kim & Clay said...

I can't see your pictures anymore for some reason ... boo! But I'm lovin the fashion tips.

ashley schmutz said...


Angie said...

I love this because I have a pair of red pants and I'm not quite sure the best way to wear them! This is super helpful! Now if I could only be as petite and skinny as you! ;) You look great!