Santiago Zoo

Jayne had been asking us to take her to the zoo for quite some time and we finally made it happen for her on Friday.  Typically, it had been too hot to venture out there (and walk around outdoors for hours), but we had a cool spell which made it a perfect day to go. The Santiago zoo is actually pretty neat. It sits on the face of a huge hill. To get to the top you take this little trolly, and then once you get off, you zig zag down the hill and see all the different animals. The only downside was that it was not very stroller friendly (even for our cheap light umbrella stroller), so we were really happy we didn't bring our bigger double. That would have been interesting. 

When we got off the bus, we stopped at a little Empanada Shop for a quick snack before heading to the zoo. These were really good... deep fried, cheezy, and a little bit greasy. Oh yeah.

The short walk down to the zoo was really pretty. We walked down a restaurant lined street with huge trees. You could see there were more tourists out and about in this area. 

Walking down the stairs to get to the trolly

This is the little trolly that takes you to the top of the hill. I am a wuss when it comes to heights, so this had me feeling a little bit dizzy!

The view

Now on to see the animals!

Jayne enjoyed all the animals but I felt bad they didn't have the seals (her only request). They had a spot for them, but they were nowhere to be seen. Oh well. At the end of the day she didn't care or notice.

We tried to be extra careful going down these narrow stairs, since some had water on them. The first flight we went on, Jayne took a major biff. Her butt seriously looked like she had pooed all over herself.


Monos!!! (monkeys)

Steve held Vinny the whole time... who eventually fell right to sleep. That carrier has been pretty good for us here.

The stone walls and green ivy along the walkway were really pretty

Hello zebra rears!

Happy girl after seeing her animals and eating some snacks

The walls on the way to the exit were covered with markings from visitors. Dates, names, little messages. I wish now we had left one of our own. 

Afternoon meltdown just as we're leaving. Couldn't have planned it any better myself!

Oh yeah, I was there too!

There was lots of stands at the exit selling little zoo animals

The view of the hill from below

After the zoo we headed out to get some dinner. Steve knew about this burger place that's pretty popular here so that is where we went. 

Mr. Jack. Definitely no Bacon Ranch Burger @ JCWs... but it sufficed. 

An after dinner gelato was a necessity of course!

Chocolate. It's what a DO. 

I will admit, Jayne's dulce de leche was better than mine... and that is saying a lot because mine was pretty amazing.

This kid can not resist the goodness!

Things took a major turn on the way home. I started getting a pounding headache during dinner which rapidly changed into an aggressive migraine. I really thought I was going to pass out and/or throw up while we were on the metro to get to the bus stop. While waiting at the bus stop I had to sit down, and this random Chilean woman OUT OF NOWHERE comes over to me, puts her hands on my head and starts giving me a creepy blessing in Spanish gibberish. I was like "what the freakazoid are you doing you crazy lady?!?!?! get your dirty hands out of my hair!!!" ok so I didn't say that but I was definitely thinking it. I just sat there with my eyes closed hoping she'd be done quickly and get on with it. Sure enough she was, but she didn't just get on with it. She did a quick one on Jayne before I could stop her, and then was moving on to do Vinny and Steve but he had enough energy and willpower to shun her off. Am I being mean? Sorry, but this lady was weirdzy times a million.

Oh and incase you're wondering, her blessing DID NOT WORK.

The bus driver home was insane. There were moments he was driving slower than I can run (and I run pretty dang slow). There was a moment when he literally almost killed a biker. I almost screamed. And then upon exiting the bus, he shuts the door right after Steve in my face (seriously, I was like 1 foot behind Steve and he managed to shut the bus door right in front of me as he's watching me leaving). Mucho loco? I think yes. 

Aside from the bizarre episodes going home, I would still say it was a good day! 
(cause really, who doesn't like a few crazy Chilean stories to share at the end of the day?)


Crystal said...

Haha the last part cracks me up. I like those weird Chilean ppl stories keep em coming!

Hannah said...

i want to be where you are. it looks so fantastic, i really miss the long and hot days in summer. in germany it's cold and grey and wet. mann, I'm jealous!!! :) oh and thanks for you're comment on my blog, meant a lot to me. Have you planned a trip to Germany in the next months or years?

Jessie said...

you are hilarious dayna!! that is quite the story! love it. and love all the pictures! you guys all look so great!

Angie said...

Sounds like such a great day with the family. I love how thorough you're being about documenting everything! It's so cool to see another country in such detail. Plus I love your cute family so it's fun to see pictures of your faces. :) Klane told me the other night that he was just realizing what a huge influence Steve has had on him throughout his life, and he was reminiscing about all the fun, crazy things they've done together. I never thought about it before, but they have been very close and spent a ton of time together over the years. I wish we lived closer and had more opportunities to hang out.

Anyway, I also have to tell you that I can just picture the obnoxious bus ride and the crazy chilean lady trying to bless you.... maybe it's a big city thing but I can totally relate! Buses are my least favorite mode of transportation, and you're right, they are slower than running. There was one day I was running up a street with a bus route on it, and I passed a bus at a stop, and then for the next TWO MILES the bus was trailing me and I was consistently beating it. Eventually I pulled ahead and left it behind. I wasn't even running fast. That is pretty pathetic that a bus can't transport people any faster than their own two legs can take them. And it was probably a million times worse with a migraine.

Anyway. My short novel is now over. :)