speaking of working out...

what do you do to stay in shape? especially you with little-to-no time?
 what is your favorite workout where you see your most favorite results?
i'm curious!

with two little rascals needing my attention all day long, it's hard to make the time.

NO excuses! 
(shout out to my BL fans out there)

so, i'm going to try this out. i'll let you know how it goes. 

disclaimer: that is not my pink underwear saying hello to you all. i thought i'd clarify that they are pink underlining shorts for anyone that might have thought otherwise. who do you think i am?! and yes, that is me ever so pretending to be cool like jillian michaels. gosh, i love her... so sad she isn't on the show anymore.


Angie said...

Funny you should mention good old Jillian, I was going to say that her 30 day shred videos are a great way to get a killer workout in in like 25 minutes. She'll kick your butt without taking too much of your time.

My preferred method of exercise would be running, but right now I am fighting shin splints (so much for my barefoot running ideas.... I think I tried to do too much too fast), so I am grounded from running for the time being. It SUCKS. I guess it's just me and Jillian now.

Kim & Clay said...

Hey Dayna! You know I love me a good workout. When I don't have access to a gym (or much time) I love jumproping, pilates with weights and I go to my trusty collection of home workout vids. (Jillian Michaels is my favorite too -- as far as results in a short amount of time, I recommend her ripped in 30, killer buns & thighs and 6 pack in 6 weeks in that order.)Good luck! P.S. We miss you lots. Like, lots. Give Jayne a hug from Ellie and let's skype one of these days! We can do a workout :) haha that would be funny.