Sunday Dress

Just thought it was fun "modeling" this JC Penney dress I got for $15 a few years ago and a Forever21 necklace I got a year ago for $5. I know shopping at JC Penney would seem like fashion suicide (ha) to some, but you'd be surprised what you can find in the most unexpected stores. I loved the colors on the dress and the pockets (hello! pockets!). And $15 for a dress? Yes, please! The necklace reminded me of one I had seen in Anthropologie that might as well have cost a million dollars. This was close enough. It may look a little skiwampus (I just laughed after writing that word... I sound like a Grandma, but it's staying!) in these pictures... but it lays normal, I assure you. I love finding items that are inexpensive but that still suit my personal style and taste (it sure pleases the husband too when I'm not breaking the bank as I shop). Aside from the shoes and other jewelry, this is a $20 outfit people! Can't beat that! (Well, technically you could... but you get the point!)

Where is your favorite place to shop on the cheap?

i really like this color block dress from JC Penney.

i recently purchased this and this (in nude).

pretty necklaces herehere and here.

and my favorite site to get discounted designer brands.


Angie said...

That's amazing! I really need to branch out and shop in different stores. I'd never think to shop in JCPenney but I'm sure there are great things to find! You look stunning as always.

Usually if I want something cheap I go to F21 or H&M.

And in response to your comment on my blog, NO it is not weird at all that you think Klane is handsome. It must be because he and Steve look alike, because I have thought before, "Gosh, Steve is so handsome!" And then thought, "Is that weird?" And then decided it wasn't because he looks so much like Klane. Hahaha. Anyway. We are normal, you and I. (I hope!)

Also, next time you're here you have to have a Levain cookie. And I am SO happy you're watching Downton Abbey. I just finished season 2 and I LOVED it!!!

Jessie said...

ummm hello GORGEOUS!!! you always look amazing dayna. when you get back from the other side of the world, maybe you can give me some fashion advice??

i loved all the links you gave though! i wouldn't mind if you kept those comin... :)