sunday evening walks

it has become a sort of habit to have a long post-sunday-dinner evening walk. they usually involve one or more (sometimes all) of the following:

- walking along the side walk when a dog (out of nowhere) starts barking at us from behind a gate. jayne, i kid you not, screams bloody murder and shakes like she's seen death itself, and begs for us to hold her. it's frightening and yet comical at the very same time.
- i take pictures of jayne and house numbers and gates and trees.... cause i'm really cool like that.
- steve is the designated stroller pusher.
- jayne asks to get in and out of the stroller 1,037 times. 
- i ask steve to let me take a picture of him. he says no, so instead he takes pictures of me. like awesome jumping ones.
- we see nanny's out pushing babies (i obviously have to take a picture of that too)
- we pick flowers and honeysuckles from people's yards.
- i coerce steve into taking one picture. he smiles for it. double awesome.
- we say "hola" and "buenas tardes" to passerbys. i ask steve if i sound natural. 
- vincent cries to be held... by mom only.
- i kiss him and munch on his cheeks until he gets really annoyed with me.
- babies decide we've had enough and we go back home.

it's all very entertaining if you ask me. 


Crystal said...

I wish I was there... Looks so warm and nice and the architecture is so cool!

The Bobos said...

Such gorgeous pictures!! Chile looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures! I love reading about them. And your kids are so adorable!!!