sunday walk

Vinn was loving this cute (but very protective) bulldog

My boys... love 

House numbers... I have quite the collection going on

Pink toms seemed only appropriate with Valentine's Day around the corner

Jayne slept the entire time

Vinn sporting a onesie as usual. Steve threw on his sweet kicks just for fun. I could eat those thighs of his.

Are you ready?





and a jumping shot gone very wrong...

Steve refused to let me delete this gem and demanded I put it up here. We were almost on the verge of tears when we saw it. Ok, so maybe it's not really all that funny, but at the time it really really was. 

We're weird, I realize. We've accepted this about ourselves a long time ago.
But wasn't that fun?


S.DAY said...

Layla was looking at this post with me and when she saw the pics of you jumping she said, "Oh Dayna, she's so funny." It was so cute!
miss you

Angie said...

You guys are hot. ;)

But seriously.

Also, your pictures are looking INCREDIBLE these days. Like, Nicole Hill-esque. They are so full of light and the bokeh is amazingly buttery soft and beautiful! What is your secret?!? What lens are you using?

Crystal said...

Amazing. I feel so cool to be related to you. Miss you!!! Oh. And I second what Layla said