technical difficulties and a cute boy who is about to turn one!

Just when you thought I was back on a blogging roll.... the internet goes down for two days.  Hardest two days of my life! Ha, jk, but it is a little weird to not be able to jump on the internet whenever you want/feel the need.  For example, we had the missionaries over for lunch on Thursday and the recipe I needed to make was online and I had no way of getting it. Talk about improvising to a whole other level. Thankfully the meal turned out just as good as I had hoped- a miracle, indeed (and it definitely helped that I remembered the basic ingredients/measurements since I've made the meals a few times in the past already).  Now that our internet is back in action, I have a few posts that I am behind on so be checking back in for those as I get them up (see, I make up for it!). 

On another note, that little man pictured above is going to be ONE YEAR OLD NEXT WEEK. 
Stop it, stop it right now. I know it is very cliche, but like everybody with a baby says, this year has flown right on by! My brother (who is on a mission for our church) said something in a letter the other day that reminded me exactly how this year has felt. 
"The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days."
So true.

While raising the little guy has brought its many challenges, being a mom to that little munchkin head is the greatest thing in the world!!! I get teary eyed to think how quickly he is growing up before my very eyes, and I'd give anything (anything) to make those days feel like days and the weeks to feel like weeks (and the years to feel like actually years) so I could feel like I'm getting every fair minute with this little boy of mine.

Now I've got knots all up in my chest... sappy old me... 
those little stinkers will do that to you. 

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