Jayne enjoying a fresh-out-of-the-oven croissant So, I thought it was time for a more detailed update on our little lives here. 1. Steve is now assistant coaching for the same professional team he tried out for, Lo Barnechea. He is really enjoying it. The coaches are very nice and happy to have his help. It will be a great learning experience for Steve as he observes the players and helps out from a coaching perspective. When the public schools start next month, Steve will begin observing (but not coaching) the youth teams as well. This will be a great experience and opportunity to build his resume for the things he wants to do in the future {all things soccer related... obviously}2.  We've figured out the whole bus and metro thing. Which is awesome because it's our only means of getting around outside of our little area (that, or walking).  We took the kids to this huge shopping mall earlier this week, and to the zoo yesterday. It was fun seeing more of the inner city of Santiago. More on that later. 3.  I am getting better at "trying" to speak Spanish. Normally, when someone starts speaking to me in Spanish, my heart rate goes up and I just quickly say "No hablo espanol." It was dumb because I wasn't even trying! I was getting too nervous to even listen to what they were saying/asking me. Steve gave me a pep talk and told me to just relax and try to listen when someone is talking to me to see if I can pick up on small words and maybe understand them. So that is what I've been working on lately, and to my surprise, I've had a few instances where I've done just that and been able to answer in my very small (7th-11th grade?) amounts of Spanish. Good times!4.  Kids are doing much much better. Vinny no longer cries at my feet all day, but Jayne still misses home a little bit. She doesn't go a day without saying in a pout "I miss my other home..." It is pretty cute and a little sad. I tell her I miss my other home too and that we'll be going back there when we are done with our adventure. It reminds me that her "other home" is her first and only home she really knows. It's her comfort place, and we try to be sensitive to that. Cute girl. 5.   We've figured out a good routine here and are starting to make this place feel more like a home and less of a vacation. Although I love me a vacation, it is good for the kids. And as much as we'd like to get out and explore everyday, it just isn't in the cards for us all the time. Kids need routine and stability. Plus, it is hard to get out for hours with 2 very squirmy kids, one of which needs a morning and afternoon nap or he punishes us with a major meltdown. Now that the kids seem to be fairly adjusted here, Steve and I decided Mondays are going to be our "doing something new" day. It's the day Steve has off, and it will give us one day to go out and explore without throwing the kids for a major loop. I'm excited!6.  I am absolutely loving our new ward. The Americans I have met are so welcoming and have really made an effort in making our family feel comfortable here. I have made great friends already in such a short amount of time. The Chileans in our ward are as equally kind and welcoming, and I have gotten to know some of them better as well. Some speak a little English, but mostly speak none. Although it has been hard to get to know many of them closely because of the language barrier, they are all so friendly and kind that you feel like you know them even when you don't. They approach you with a hug and kiss like you're family, even if you have only met once (or not even at all!). I really love it.

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Angie said...

Sounds like things are going well! I think I would be the same way with speaking Spanish, I would be too nervous and would just tell people I didn't speak it when they tried to talk to me. Good for you for making an effort! My gosh, you are totally going to learn the language and be fluent when you're done with your adventure. :) I kind of wish I had an opportunity like that, it would be the best way to learn another language, to be immersed in it. Also, isn't the church the greatest?! I love it. Glad you've found good friends in the ward.