we like shoes.

These are the gifts we gave to each other for Valentine's Day. We were bored Saturday night so we let the kids run around outside while we had a little photo shoot with our new kicks. And while Steve does not like being the center of attention for a photo (and apparently I do...), he is quite the closet fashionister, and always has his eye out for cool stuff (he even has a pinterest: stevemag) so I know deep down he will enjoy these too. One of these days I'm going to get him to share some of the men stuff he likes... the guy has a good eye for style and fashion and I think many of you might enjoy seeing what he finds "fashionably inspiring" if you happen to have a guy in your life (or you are one!).

Shoes have become a recent passion of mine. Do you realize how many amazing shoes are out there right now? I never thought I'd ever be a "shoe lover", I've always enjoyed them but nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, I think I've been narrow-minded in what shoes can actually be and represent for some. After getting sucked into blogs like this and this, and walking by shoe stores everyday (the grocery store we go to is inside a mall) or seeing all the incredible ones available online, I've been opened up to this whole new world of shoes where I am drawn in to their beauty like someone would to a beautiful piece of art or furniture. Because seriously, that is what they are- art! The patterns, colors, lines, detail, and the engineering behind the design and functionality of so many incredibly beautiful shoes is seriously amazing to me. It is too bad so many shoes I find can be a pretty penny... or maybe it's a good thing because honestly, some shoes are so fun to look at that I truly would collect them like artwork if I could. And I know I'm probably sounding like a loony to many of you right now, but I know there are those of you reading who know exactly what I'm talking about.

Wedges have made a serious comeback in the shoe industry which is a wonderful thing because it offers the height for a shorty like me and yet are much more comfortable than a narrow heel. There are more styles than ever before. Here are just a handful that I think are really eye-catching. Not sure if I could ever pull these off (and actually purchasing them is a whole other story), but they sure are fun to look at:

*for those who are curious, both of our shoes are from Zara. 


Chelsea said...

i <3 shoes.
i have far too many that are so pretty, but so uncomfortable... tevs.
there are excellent deals right now too on winter stuff!

Angie said...

I love shoes, they just don't love me back. I am too tall for heels and my feet are too big to look cute in shoes. They always look adorable in the display size (always a 6 or 7), and then when they bring them out in my size 11, they just look like giant boats and are not cute in the least. It's sad, actually. But I can appreciate how beautiful they are (in the appropriate size) and how cute they look on other people's feet. I just appreciate them from afar because I can't partake. ;)

Also, I love your outfit - I just spent like 30 minutes online searching for a shirt similar to the one you're wearing. When I finally find it I will buy one in black, one in cream and one in white. I need that shirt!!