wrinkled skirt sunday

eh. at least we made it to church on time. if you count the end of the opening song as on time
which we do apparently. 

happy super bowl sunday peeps!


Crystal said...

A wrinkly skirt never looked so good. Babe! Love and miss you

Kaile said...

Hi Dayna! Where is your skirt from? I'm thinking it might possibly be mission appropriate.

Angie said...

Is that the skier you bought on your trip out here? I love your outfit. Teach me how to dress myself. And shop.

And we count ourselves on time as long as we make it in time to take the sacrament. Today we walked into the foyer right as the deacon was coming out of the chapel hiking the tray of bread. Yesssssss! Just in time. :)

Angie said...