you win some, you lose some.

me and steve, engaged summer of '06

so, steve didn't make the team.

there isn't much to share, other than he did well at the first practice, the coach invited him to play in a friendly the next day, and then after the game he pulled aside 4 players that were also trying out and told them they had enough players for the team and to go home. that was it. he was pretty bummed about it, but doing good now.

you win some, you lose some. 

i couldn't be more proud of him and all the hard work and sweat (literally) he has put into getting here.
he certainly deserved every bit of what he wanted, but fact of the matter is, no matter how hard you may try, sometimes you don't get what you want. that is life.
you hopefully grow from your experience and have the faith that things will work out.
you keep your chin up and look for the good in the situation.
and there are still a lot of great things up in the air right now for the taking. 
but can i just say, i love that man a hundred times more today than i did in that picture six years ago.
 and that's saying something.


Becky said...

Thanks for the perspective. Here's to all the good to come!

ashley schmutz said...

AH! bummer! so, are you guys staying down there? by the way, that picture is SO CUTE!

Krystyna said...

oh no! Are you still going to stay down there, or is he going to try out for a different team, or what?