Alto Las Condes Mall

The area we live is home to some of the biggest shopping malls in the city. We wanted to escape the sweltering heat one afternoon, so we decided the mall was the perfect place to go. It was huge! Three levels.... all the shopping you could think of (including a grocery store)... movie theatre... large eatery...  and fantastic restaurants atop the mall, in the beautiful outdoors with an incredible view. And best of all.... A.C. BABY!  We browzed the various stores, ate the best gelato I've had so far (Dulce de Leche with chocolate shavings), let Jayne and Vinny run around in a play area, browzed some more while the kids slept (Jayne in the stroller and Vinn in the sling), and then had an early dinner at Caprese - an Italian/Pizza restaurant on top of the mall (doesn't touch Pizzeria712, but it was still good). I was shocked that Steve and I were about to have a dinner "alone" while both babies were sleeping - then as soon as I thought it, Vinn woke up as if he'd read my very mind and wanted none of that business! Oh well, we were happy to share with the little man, and the little girl too when she decided to wake up at the end.

And while we didn't do much shopping since we were each occupied by one child or the other, it was still a pretty good day out and about. And when I got in bed later that night I couldn't believe how achy my legs were from walking that mall from top to bottom. Who knew going to the mall could provide such a serious workout???

P.S. You can be jealous of my sweet outfit. Let's just say it was a no make-up/legging kinda day... that's my kinda day.

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Mary Martha said...

Jane is so adorable. Love her. love that cute little bubble she is wearing too.