black with a pop of color

I really love the look I've been seeing lately of an all black outfit with a pop of color. The "pop" in my outfit above are my earrings and the bottom yellow line in my shoes (they are about the only pair of nice shoes I have here with me, which explains their frequent appearance on this blog;).  In the cooler months (and believe it or not, I dream of cooler days... the heat has been brutal!), I would wear this skirt with a black chunky knit sweater, black tights, black wedges or boots, and a bold colored scarf, maybe even in a neon color...oolala! Neon is making a comeback my friends. Get excited. 

This is an easy look to achieve, as most people have a fair share of black items in their closet, and you can't really go wrong pairing pieces together since they'll all blend cohesively. The black gives a sophisticated classic slimming silhouette, and the pop of color catches the eye and makes it a little more fun. Your "pops" could be anything from a piece of jewelry, a scarf, socks, tights, a belt, a bag, your skirt/shirt, or even your lipstick/nailpolish. In other words, it could be anything really, but to get the look right, just choose one (or two if they're small). 

A few inspiration photos----

images via thesartorialist, pinterest, and google

ps. tell me you're not thinking about that braid in the first image.... amazing!  
PPS. check out my sister Coobabe's Fashion Friday post!  she does them weekly, she's got great style, and she gives some awesome tips on working the latest trends. 

Have a fun weekend!


Crystal said...

yeah i love the pics with all black and a colored skirt. really great!

Mrs. Ham said...

i love your shoes!!!