Day 5. How's it going?

Just thought I'd check in and see how you all are doing on your 30 day challenge.

Are you enjoying it?

Have you noticed any difference in the way you feel since you've started?

Are you still easing into it? 

Are you hating it? (I hope not!)

Are you struggling with deciding on what to put in your blender?

For me, I don't do a lot of measuring, I just tend to throw in what we have on hand and what I think will taste good. They are more of a smoothie 'idea' than an actual recipe, you know what I mean? I have found that the more I make them, the more I figure out what works, what doesn't, what I do/and don't like, and it takes out a lot of the guesswork. 

Here is a great link that gives a good idea of the balance of a smoothie in terms of your liquids, fruits, veggies, and spices. Then once you get the hang of it, you can just kinda figure it out without having to do a lot of measuring - easily adjusting for what you do and don't like in your smoothie. 

If you are doing these for your first time, it may take some getting used to. If you're really not liking it, I'd recommend doing more fruits and less green, and then add the green the more you get accustomed to the taste. The colder the smoothie, the less you'll taste the green, so adding more ice will help too. Lastly, I always throw in a banana and probiotic milk (a naturally flavored yogurt-like milk that has probiotics. The kind we use isn't sold in the states, but you can use things like DanActive or Activia) because they are both naturally sweet and help cover a lot of the vegetable taste. If you don't like bananas, just add more sweet fruits (like strawberries for example), any flavored yogurt you like, or even just some good ol' milk (or both). 

Do you have any smoothie recipes/ideas that you've tried so far and liked? I'd love it if you shared them in the comments section so myself and others can see and get some great ideas to try. 

Steve's Aunt Annie recently did a guess post on this awesome blog about her morning smoothies she makes every day for her family. She's been making green smoothies for over a year now and she gives some great tips along with a smoothie recipe they all enjoy.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to blend!


Liz Berey said...

Just curious what kind of blender you use? Do you have to cut the fruit and veggies up a lot before throwing in? Does it blend ice well? Thanks!

Bonnie said...

I have sort of half-way taken upon your challenge! I didn't have the proper produce the first half of the week, and today my spinach is almost gone (and almost bad!) but my bananas are still green! Sigh. I have had 3 smoothies this week, though, and I love them! My favorite had avocado and orange in it.
Thanks for the push!