an early morning walk

I was looking through my iphoto when I came across these pictures I had taken a few weeks ago before Jayne had started school. Steve had stayed up wa-HAY too late one evening watching BYU basketball, so I snuck the kids out of the house in the morning so he could get a decent snooze, a rare occurrence due to a couple-little-people-who-will-not-be-named that like to scream for fun in a pitch that should be illegal in the very wee hours of the morning. Pretty sure our neighbors glare at us through the walls while mumbling all sorts of profanities. 

We didn't go far, just down the street to a little jungle gym where Jayne climbed around, went down the slide, and played with the dirt (her favorite). Mr. Vinn chilled in the stroller mainly. We walked a couple circles around the neighborhood, stopped at the jungle gym for a second round, and then headed back home. Even then, Steve was still sleeping. 

But not for long....

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