Steve and I have been babysitting my friend's kids the past few days while she and her husband are on a trip to the southern tip of Chile in Patagonia. Boy am I jealous.  That is one place we would love to go while we are here, but the actual likelihood of that happening is pretty slim. So instead, I will ask to see all their pictures when they arrive home and try to live vicariously through them. On a brighter note, the past few days have been great! It has been a fun change of scene staying at their house - much more space for Jayne and Vinny to run around, and they are both loving their extra "siblings." I feel like I can breathe, and Steve and I get a little taste of what it would be like with 5 kids. So far, can't really complain. You see, the 11 and 7 year old are totally independent (for the most part), the 3 year old plays with Jayne, and that leaves Vinny, the only one we have to watch when the 11 and 7 year old aren't playing with him. I dare say 5 are easier than 2, but then I consider all the laundry and cleaning I haven't needed to do (they have a nanny), the 3 pregnancies/labor&deliveries/newborns and the years of raising them I haven't had to experience, and then I quickly snap right back into reality.

Any way, back to the purpose of this post. So, I had completely forgotten about St. Patrick's Day until the morning of the lovely holiday. I was glad I remembered because how lame of a babysitter would I have been if I didn't plan something fun for St. Patrick's Day??? After rummaging through foreign kitchen cupboards, I located the blessed food coloring and voila! a very Happy St. Patrick's day was had by all. We celebrated with green german pancakes, green juice, and later, decorating some green frosted cupcakes. FYI- dyed orange juice is just plain weird to drink, even if it tastes the same. 

This kid won't wait one second when he's hungry. This is the face that ensues when he has to be patient.
Evee is the best. She has been the greatest helper and was my assistant cook for all the baking. 
It got me excited for when Jayne will be 7. 
I love how Jayne wasted no time devouring the second it was decorated

And incase you'd like to know, my stomach took serious revenge for all that sugar I consumed. Let's just say, the toilet and I are BFFs today... or enemies... not really sure which, but we've been spending a lot of time together.

Oh, you didn't want to know?

Well, I hope your St. Patrick's Day was a good one!

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Jeff said...

haha, that totally reminds me of a science project i did in school. you'd be surprised at how many people can't tell the difference between different juices when they're all dyed the same color