Ky Restaurant

 photobooth pic to document our first night out here in Chile

Steve and I had our first night out without the kids in almost 2 months. And while it wasn't exactly a night alone, it was still a dream come true (is it obvious how much I miss our date nights?). It was the adult session of Stake Conference that night, so a couple in our ward coordinated an evening out with all the gringos after the meeting. You better believe that Steve and I were not about to pass up on an opportunity to get out sans babies! A daughter of one of the couples in our ward babysat for us and we couldn't have been more grateful. 

I'll quickly say that Stake Conference was great because I didn't have to sit for 2 hours letting everything go in one ear and out the other - Steve translated for me the whole time!  What a difference compared to church when we are both juggling two very wiggly children and any possibility of Steve romantically whispering translations in my ear is completely nonexistent. So, that was pretty sweet. 

Alright, now back to dinner. So, we went to this awesome Thai Restaurant called KY.  It was the craziest restaurant I've ever been to. First of all, there is no real entrance to the restaurant from the street. You literally walk through a ghetto graffitied gated entrance that has no evidence of a restaurant inside. I captured a picture for the very purpose of showing you what I'm talking about:

Behold, the entrance to the restaurant. 

But do not be deceived!  Once you are in the entrance, you will then come upon the actual entrance to the restaurant and walk inside to the amazingness below:

See the dark table on the right? That is where we sat. Our whole group had to sit at those few different tables because they couldn't fit us all together.

And even though we don't drink alcohol, I thought the bar was pretty sweet.

Check out that chair!

{photos found offline here}

The interior was totally eclectic and funky. Absolutely no rhyme or reason to their decorating, but it was really cool and definitely made for an awesome atmosphere while dining. And the place is huge!  There are two very large dining rooms on the main floor and more seating upstairs, and there is even outdoor seating which I didn't see, but hear is pretty awesome as well. I ordered the Pad Thai which was the best Pad Thai I've ever had... ooohhh the flavors, and the shrimp! I don't even really love shrimp but I loved this shrimp!  It was wonderful sharing an evening with some other couples and getting to know them all better, and it was wonderful spending a night out with my love. We got to ride in the back of a car together alone, hold hands, and eat a meal uninterrupted with actual adult conversation... Yowza!

and below is a pic I took of Steve's meal:

Masaman Curry. I liked his pyramid shaped rice.

What a great night!


Angie said...

That's amazing! I forget how easy it is for us to have a night out alone at this point in our lives. I need to appreciate it more!

Kate Magleby said...

cute top pic ya lil cuties. I think this is the first comment I've made that doesn't involve your babies.