a letter for my jayne

three of my very favorite pictures of jayne lately - that girl cracks me up

dear jayne,

     what am i gonna do with you? you wear me out on a daily basis with your strong will, your smart mouth, your high-pitched tantrum screams, and your testing-the-limits at every giving moment. at the end of the day i fall into bed completely pooped. don't worry... vinny is certainly responsible for the other half of the chaos, but this letter is for you, not him.
    you crack me up all the time with the funny things you say and do. often they are sassy and in defiance to me and your dad, but they are funny none-the-less. i will miss this stage when the things you say make me laugh rather than upset, and i hope i can always have a sense of humor with you - it always makes the situation better. for such a sassy little lady, you can also be so sweet and kind. you will often let me snuggle you. you hardly ever decline my request for a kissie or a hug and you always ask me if i'm okay with a serious look of concern if i get hurt. you also love to have fun. you love to joke around, be silly and sarcastic, and you love a good dance party - might i add, you've got some serious moves too.
    you have grown up a lot in such a short amount of time. you are speaking clearly, adding so many words to your vocabulary and improving so much on your grammar and sentence structure. it's so funny hearing you talk. you demand to say the prayer every time we say one and you are getting really good at it too. you're hair is getting longer and your bangs are in the most awkward stage right now (too short to go behind your ears but hanging well below your eyes). you no longer twirl your hair, and as much as i hated getting those knots out, it's weird to see it go. you still love your monkey's guts (biting his face to express your love). you still like to check your toes for lint, love drinking bottles with your movies, and hate taking naps. today you like french toast, cantaloupe, and "bizonts (croissants)." you still call your brother "Dinny." you can sing the village song on Beauty and the Beast from start to finish. you also love "twinkle little star", "head shoulders knees and toes", and "monkeys jumping on the bed" - just to name a few. you love asking for "back-a-kickles" (back tickles), you prefer showers over baths, and you are a little fishy who loves to swim. you are a tough cookie - you like to climb and get dirty, but you are also very girly - you love to wear make up, do your hair, paint your nails, and wear jewelry. 
   i like to watch you sometimes while you are sleeping. your breath is even and calm, and you look so peaceful. such a contrast to the 'awake jayne.' i watch you and i get a lump in my throat at how fast you are growing and how quickly you are changing. i can not pin point how and when you went from a little baby to this beautiful (gosh you are so beautiful) big girl of mine, but i hope i can always remember the joy in each stage of your growing up.
   it dawned on me the other day how much of your own spirit you are. while you are still very dependent, you are clearly your own individual. you decide on what you are going to say and do and how you are going to say and do it. you love to play pretend - you have such a bright mind. you think, and create, and imagine for yourself and it's incredible to witness firsthand. 
   and even for how little you are, i think of you as a best friend. i hope you will feel that way about me even when i become your "embarrassing mother." i hope our relationship will continue to grow closer every single day. i hope you'll always be able to trust me, and feel comfortable talking to me about anything and everything. i hope you will never stop giving me hugs and kisses, or reaching for me when you are sad, hurt, or scared.
  i hope you know how much you are loved. i thank Heavenly Father always for allowing me to be your mother on this earth. i don't know how i ever deserved you. you are the joy in my everyday, and i love you so so much. 


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Crystal said...

Such a beautiful letter. Jayne is so lucky to have you as her mom :) love you!

Courtney said...

Definitely got me a little choked up. Such a sweet note!

Keira's world said...

Hi Dayna...
I came across your blog - and read this beautiful letter. I have a 4 month old baby girl (first one) and your words are so similar to what I have written to my baby - it got me all teary! It's wonderful! I also hope to continue being best friends with my daughter, just as I am with my mom. Wishing you the best, you must be a wonderful mommy!