a lil update

just chillin' out on in the courtyard of our apartment after dinner

1. The nights are getting cooler here. I woke up feeling cold for the first time last night. The kids are wearing footed PJs to bed now instead of diapers only. Don't worry, diapers are still the usual uniform during the day for Vinn (reference photos above). Jayne would be too if she didn't have to clothe herself for school. 

2. I've totally failed at trying to learn Spanish. What a joke. When the kids go to sleep, all I want to do is hang out with Steve, video chat with my siblings, check my email, blog, or watch one of our shows (aka Once Upon a Time- now that we've finished Friday Night Lights and Downton Abbey, and of course Vampire Diaries once a week) . I cherish my nighttime hours when the children are sleeping... it goes by so fast. The Americans I know here learned the language by hiring a private tutor who would come for a couple hours in the afternoon.  I'd have to sell one of my kids on the streets of Santiago to earn the money we would need for said private tutor. So I'm not motivated enough to do it on my own, and I guess I love my kids too much to give them up (like that excuse?). What can you do...

3. We had two earthquakes this past week. Nothing too crazy. One was in the middle of the night (kids didn't even wake up) and then another one Sunday afternoon. But our apartment felt like it was swaying back and forth. One word: FREAKADEEK.

4. Steve's family is coming out to visit for their Spring Break in a couple weeks. We can't wait. Jayne is so excited to see her "gwama" and we are thrilled to finally have some visitors!  Pretty sure Jayne is going to try and hide in one of their suitcases upon their departure back home. She is such a homebody and still misses her "other home." Cute girl. 

5. It seems like everyone but us has gone to see Hunger Games. I am dying!!!  I would have been one of those midnight goers had we been in Provo, and seeing everyone's statuses on Facebook about the movie is pure torture. We have a scheduled date night planned for this friday to go see it.... it can't come soon enough! 

That's all for now folks. Check back in later today for a smoothie update (today is day 30!). Toodaloo!


Kate Magleby said...

I hate that they are all coming to visit you while I'm in school DUMBEST!

Jessie said...

i just started watching downton abbey and i'm an addict!! just finished the 6th episode of season 1. love it. also, we've been watching once upon a time since it started and i'm a huge fan. (i was also a huge lost fan...they have the same producers) i seems like it's just going to keep going on and on with no real resolutions but it's still fun to watch :)

and i'm dyyyying to see hunger games!!!! i was sick when it came out and i'm just now starting to feel better. not cool!!

p.s. you look lovely in your pictures!!