Los Dominicos Artisan Market

We ventured out one afternoon to see the Los Dominocos Artisan Market.  Small stores selling handmade crafts are located within white washed walls on the grounds of the Dominocos Church. I was told it was big, but I didn't realize how huge it really was. There were so many shops! This was nothing compared to the markets we went to in Denmark, were there were maybe 10-20 vendors. I couldn't count how many were here, and we didn't even get to see all of them before the kids had enough. We plan on going back, this is for sure. 

The set up is so pretty. You walk inside the walled area to find tiny shops lined along crooked dirt pathways. There are lots of trees, flowers, and shrubbery lining the way. There were benches you could take a break on, and pretty little fountains - serving a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city just outside of it. It was a pleasant time! We didn't buy anything, but just checked out the various shops to see what they had to offer (a lot). 

They were selling artwork, leather, jewelry, clothing, bags, tiles, pottery, ceramics, toys, copper, silver, masks, shoes, rocks, dolls, homemade jam, pets.... and much much more. There were also quaint little cafes to grab a bite to eat or drink. This will definitely be a must-see place for any visitors that make their way over to see us!

While we were there, I told Steve that I want a small lapiz lazuli elephant to take home with me (the blue stone they are known for here). You will see the cute little feller I'm talking about in one of the pictures below. And though the items here seemed pricey, we hear that is normal for pretty much all the market shopping in Santiago. We'll just have to practice our bargaining skills before we go back. 


Mary Martha said...

beautiful pics! What a fun adventure. Jane is so cute with her expressions. Love her!

Angie said...

I love a good market, I think they just say so much about the culture of a place. This one is no exception and looks amazing! Gosh, I want to come down and visit you guys!

Lauren and Chris Guinn said...

That is totally a painting of Sawyer from Lost in your picture there... of all the paintings

Lauren and Chris Guinn said...

by the way, Happy birthday! Love and miss you!