officially announcing...

Our new blog!!! 
Well, same blog, but a new look!

For a while now I've been wanting a fresh page where I could continue posting our usual stuff in a more clean, organized, and accessible layout - not just for me but for my readers as well. I wanted to have a more neutral blog title name instead of our family name. It just fits better for my style of blogging (and it seemed to be the 'thing' all the bloggers are doing these days... and so apparently I'm a trendfollower. I'll be the first to admit it! Either way I go with what I like.)

What's the blog name all about? 

I have to give credit to Steve who came up with it all on his own. 
Basically, our blog is a place to show our usual stuff- life, kids, food, travel, photography.... etc. 
Hence, our "usual show" or "the usual show"..... 
It suits us, I suppose!

Any way, take a look around (some of the page links are still being filled with posts... in due time).
I hope you like it!


Kim & Clay said...

Your blog is looking awesome. I love the clean cut look. I have also been wanting to follow the non-family name trend, but because I tend to be a little paranoid and just want a non-descriptive name -- but it's so hard to come up with something non-cheesy! I really like yours -- good job Steve!

Angie said...

Yeah, looks great! I like how clean it is, and I think Steve picked a great name. We had a hard time picking ours and ended up choosing ours based on what URL hadn't already been used by someone else. Haha.