tulle skirt

we went to our first double wedding last night for two sisters in our ward. i always love a reason to get dressed up. one of my favorite skirts that i had to bring with me here to Chile was my tulle skirt from forever21. it is a great color that goes well with pretty much anything, and it was super cheap, which is awesome because believe it or not, tulle skirts are surprisingly hard to come by!

i used to think tulle skirts were only for baby girl photo shoots... high school prom (in utah)... or the more obvious- ballerinas. not anymore! tulle skirts are coming in style in full force in more ways than one. they can be dressed fancy, funky, or casual. they can be worn all year round. they can be poofy, flowy, long, or short. but my favorite thing about them is that they are playfully feminine no matter how you choose to wear them, getting one step closer to every girl's dream of feeling like a princess. 

 tulle love <3 <3 <3

my sister in law kate (above) pulled off the 'utah tulle prom' with serious class & taste... love it!

shop for tulle skirts here
or make your own using this tutorial.

would you wear a tulle skirt?

*images via google and pinterest (with the exception of kate, which i took a few years ago)


Crystal said...

Stop it right now. Love this. You you are beyond a babe.

Hannah said...

wow, love it!

Kate Magleby said...

I'm famous! Woooo wooooo!

Brittany Simmons said...

you are so beautiful! Love the tulle skirt. I've got a sheer pleated skirt that I love too. But love the casual on top, party on the bottom :) BTW- what a fun and crazy life you've been having! I'm so amazed and think it's just awesome that you are getting these opportunities (and kind of nice that they are short stints...)

Mary Martha said...

I've been to a double wedding before for 2 sisters. It was 2 african american girls marrying two white guys too. it was so neat.

Keira's world said...

Oh, I love tulle skirts! I am a former ballerina - and who knew - that tulle would become popular outside the ballet studio :)
Even my wedding dress was all tulle :)
Dayna, I am trying to find the forever21 skirt - but it's all sold out, even on ebay! So I am going to make my own... Could you help me by telling me how many layers it actually has? I love the soft fall and the colour and can't find the same (not even close to it) anywhere..
that would be a tremendous help!
all the best,

Emily Casteloser said...

whoa just came across your blog looking to put an LDS prom dress together, and thank goodness I did! I was looking to recreate a wedding dress shown on the television show Parks and Recreation. (Look up "Leslie Knope's Wedding Dress" on google images!) I need your opinion. Would the top part of the dress be approproiate for LDS prom? Please be honest! Thanks!