images from our weekend

as you can see, we spent the majority of our weekend in PJs/leggings/diapers, spent conference intermissions outside at the park, ate some grub, relaxed, and even managed to throw in a little yoga (well... them, not me). i had another small bout with the stomach bug this weekend. and yet, that didn't keep me from eating fish tacos (again) and ice cream (best mint choc chip ever). i certainly payed for it later.... worth it? that's debatable.

all in all it was a good conference weekend, with lots of excellent and inspiring talks given by our leaders. i will admit, it was much harder to listen this year while trying to entertain 2 stir-crazy kids on our own (without the fun toys or aunts and uncles at "gramma's cabin"- our usual destination for conference weekend), but the biggest things i took from conference this session were:

.we shouldn't be envious or jealous of others. we should be happy when others are given much. this will make us happier and less bitter in life. 

.it is never too late to repent and change your life for the better. we are all imperfect. we can overcome our problems and receive forgiveness. "You have never traveled beyond the light of God's forgiveness." 

.i will learn more from my children than from my parents. 

.being active in the church is not the same as being active in the gospel. more importantly, we should be active in the gospel-- activity in the church will follow. 

.trials are for our benefit.  they help to "polish" our lives. even the very righteous will receive difficult trials. 

.family is vital!!! if we focus on the family, we prosper all around, even in our own society.

.be proud to be a mormon! Don't be afraid to share the gospel!

.forgive. Let go. "stop it!" with the holding onto grudges, gossiping, judging. just be a nice! why not?! "let us be known as a people who have love one to another."

did you watch conference?
what were some of your favorite talks?


Crystal said...

yum those fish tacos look amazing! I am literally mouthwatering. Jayne is the most. That yoga pose!!! she has some great form! your pics look amazing. i love what you got from conference. good weekend for sure.

aaand those are my thoughts from your post :) miss you

Crystal said...

recipe for fish tacos??? is it with yummy white sauce?

Angie said...

Y our photos are beautiful, so full of color and light. You're good, girl.

Conference was great! I noticed a lot of the same things you did. Not being jealous of other's good fortune, not being afraid to share the gospel, and focusing on the family were a few of the highlights for me.

Kate Magleby said...

Jayne doing the yoga pose is hilarious! I miss her sooooo much!! Sorry all of my comments are about missing you guys hahaha. We missed you up at the cabin this year, but I'm glad we got to chat with you on facetime!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Kim & Clay said...

are you kidding me with that picture of vinny dribbling the soccer ball? he is already a natural and has set a high standard for our boy.

and that ice cream looks amaaazing. if you could just bring some in a cooler when you come home, that would be great.