our easter

... and that pretty much sums it up.

we have boldly declared this as the best easter yet. 
and i'm thinkin' the two little people who happen to live with us are the reason why.

hope you all had a lovely easter. 


Adam and Brittany said...

Cute easter pics. I thought I would let you know that I just made you balsamic spinach chicken and it was delicious! My mother wants the recipe now because my dad couldn't stop eating it. Thanks!

Kim & Clay said...

I really can't get over how Vinny can keep getting cuter when he was already so cute to begin with. Looks like it was a fun Easter!

Kate Magleby said...

These children are perfect! COME BACKKKKKKKKKKKK

Crystal said...

love this glad you guys had a great easter. we miss you! Btw whats the name of the snow cone place in provo we love?

Lauren and Chris Guinn said...

Oh my gosh. your pictures are amazing. they look like rebekah westover... maybe better? By the way, she emailed me the other day saying my wedding is going to get published in the Utah bride and groom magazine, all thanks to you! Woo hoo!