the not-so-funny funny story

Wondering why I don't blog lately?

I'll answer that with a story. 

Once upon a time there was a girl named Dayna. She was a mom and therefore, she had a "mom brain." Oh you don't know what a "mom brain" is? Well trust me, you will fully understand that term after this story. 

So Dayna and her "mom brain" (which I will now refer to as MB) were leaving her in-laws, and her sister-in-law Kate had so graciously offered to give her and her two kids a ride home. Dayna had her hands pretty full while getting out to the car - a diaper bag on her shoulder, a baby in one arm, and her open computer (that was finishing downloading a file) in the other arm. She ever so smartly set her computer on TOP of the car so she could put her baby and bags in the car, fully planning on setting it inside along with everything else once the little ones were buckled in. 

Before you go on assuming Dayna drove off with the computer on top of the car, let me assure you, it's much better than that. 

So within a matter of (I kid you not) 5 seconds of putting the computer on the car and beginning to buckle her son in the car seat, she realizes what a gorgeous day it is outside and that Kate's car is a convertible. So being such a fun awesome totally cool mom that Dayna is, she had a brilliant idea and said, "Hey Kate! Put the top down! The kids will love it!" Yes people, it only took 5 seconds for Dayna and her MB to forget about the computer sitting on top of the car. 

So Kate, who didn't see Dayna put the computer on top of the car proceeds to push the button that converts the car into an awesome topless car. You would like to hope that when the top wouldn't close into the trunk that Dayna would have quickly realized "Oh no! My computer!" But no, no, no. Dayna and her wittle MB still didn't put two and two together. 

Dayna proceeds to tell Kate to push the button so the top can come back up so maybe they can figure out what could be the problem with it closing. Yes, by now you should know that Dayna's MB is seriously deteriorating at a frightening pace. 

So Kate lifts the top and as it ever so slowly opens up..... Lo and behold the obvious....

Dayna's crushed and mangled laptop. It was quite dramatic really. 

She let out a quick shriek. Covered her mouth. Didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. So she kind of did both. 

So there you have it. Dayna and the Mom Brain. 

The end.


The Romney Family said...

Oh, Dayna--so painful!!! I am so sorry. Totally understand though, having some pretty embarrassing "Mom Brain" stories myself. :) What can you do--once the little peanuts come along, there's just not enough room in the brain anymore for all the things you have to remember, process, record, understand, etc etc etc. Something just has to go! Guess in this case, it was the computer... :(

Mary Martha said...

I;m so sorry. That's terrible. I hope you had it backed up. Andrew and I need to do that. After your post, I think we will.

Jen Richards said...

Oh man Dayna- that is a bummer! I think that is something anyone who is looking after 2 other individuals would do. It is pretty distracting running after 2 babies! You have your hands full :)
We will not be in UT this summer, so I guess the next time we will see each other is Deep Creek. We are excited about getting all of the cousins together!

xoxo- Jen

S.DAY said...

Oh D! I kind of want to cry for you!
I blame my car accident a few months ago on my MB. It sucked. When the officer asked how I had gotten in an accident after an 11 year clean driving record... I responded with "Screaming babies."
Love you, sorry about the laptop.

Kim & Clay said...

I share your mom brain symptoms. Don't even worry about it. I'm just wondering how adding kid #2 to the mix will amplify that. HELP!!