the park

It is days at the park that make me so grateful for where we live. Not necessarily in Provo (and I love living in Provo), but grateful to be living in the states, where the parks are relatively clean as compared to the dirt covered playgrounds in Chile. Not to bag on Chile, but it is dirty. And I mean that literally; there is dirt everywhere. And we weren't even in the dirtiest parts. So when we would go to the playgrounds it was just expected that we would go home with black hands, knees, and rear ends. One of the biggest shockers coming home was realizing how meticulously clean it is here. Not as much dirt everywhere, and much cleaner compared to the trash lined streets, poop lined sidewalks, and smoggier air in Santiago. Coming home, I felt like I was breathing filtered air and would have had no qualms eating food dropped on the street. Any way, here are some pictures from a day at the park with my sister and two sister-in-laws. The weather was perfect. It was a good afternoon. 
So the baseball belonged to couple guys at the park. Vinny was watching them throw it back and forth and was so jealous - just watching enviously from the side. They noticed him and ever so sweetly started playing pass with him. It was the cutest thing. And then Jayne of course got jealous of any item Vinny was given and had to have a baseball herself. Ha. The joys of siblings. 


Kate Magleby said...

HAHAHA! That picture of me is ridiculous!! HA!

S.DAY said...

You totally did a great job on Jayne's hair! Looked just like I showed you! LOve ya