blog vomit

our massive dessert at Gloria's for Josephine's birthday

This is what happens when you don't blog for weeks on end and you have a mega load of photos to document - blog vomit: tons of pictures and captions over the past several weeks thrown into one mega blog post. On top of my computer being broken, my camera started having some minor issues leading to major issues and needed to be fixed as well. My sister was awesome to let me use her camera for myself quite often/steal pictures from time to time. It's a funny thing trying to compensate for a broken computer and camera, but surprisingly I have made do - as annoying as it is. Hopefully we'll get everything working again in the near future. For now I use my old computer (that shuts off unexpectedly... awesome) and borrowed cameras. It all works out. 

Back to the post. So like I said, I am going to vomit a ton of pictures at you with captions. My blog is my space to remember and share and if all I can do is one huge post from time to time, well, that's just the way it is. 

 It has been a pretty sweet past month with family and friends and I hardly documented everything. My sister and her family came for a week and my brother Taylor for a week as well. It was the best having them here. There were many instances I wish I had a camera, but that is the life of a passionate "photo taker" (still don't really see myself as a legit "photographer") - you think about capturing every special moment you have for fear of not being able to remember. And it is even worst for the person like me who has a horrible memory. OH well. 

Below are some of the fun happenings from the past several weeks: 

Josephine turned 11. We celebrated at Gloria's. I ate so much I felt sick afterwards, but ohhh was it worth it. I love Jo and the sweet spunky girl that she is. 


We did a lot of playing in the sun and running around. Jayne would often fall asleep in the car seat on the way home from wherever we were. When that girl's asleep, she's ASLEEP. 

Vinny discovered his passion for cucumbers. "Ohh this is so good..."

"oh yeah...."

"The indescribable taste in my mouth..."

"Oh, hello there. You were watching you say?"

Slowly introducing the potty to Jayne. Not quite diving into potty-training yet. But soon.


Date nights with my Mr. 

And a little shopping after dinner

Cute boy


Vinny just being cute as usual


We took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point with Jayne's friends. She loved it!

This little girl is the sweetest thing ever and loved it too

Instagram has become my new best friend since my camera broke down

My boys

I've been spending a whole lotta time with those girls

Friends at the Museum: Brinley and McKenna 



 We threw a baby shower for my sister Shannon when she was in town. She is having a little girl (third baby, first girl) and we couldn't be more excited for her. We had a brunch at my place and she opened gifts. It was splendid!

I had to. Shannon's expression = hilarious

Love this shot. Beautiful girls!!!

Shan and Carly

Shea and Colleen 

Double Lauren

me and crystal 

cute girly things were opened that morning.... love it


My little Jordy was here!!!!! We took him to Riverwoods to ride the carousel and play games. Well, we did a LOT of hanging out with him and his mama but this was one particular day that I happen to have a photo of. 


Barbecue and water fun at the park in Alpine with family and friends



Chris was there

and Lauren... intense! ;)

My little cookie monster

Besties. Layla and Jayne. Sharing a plate of dinner. 

Fun on the swings with Uncle Tay Tay

Check out that grin!

Sister's dinner at Happy Sumo and...... awkward stuff afterwards. 
What was in that soy sauce???

Love these sistas of mine... Shan was too normal for our weirdness to join in

So we made her take some baby bump shots. Foxy lady!


And that is all, for now. 
Good day!


Jen Richards said...

That is a ton of pictures! And I loved all of them :) I wish I could have been out there for the shower and all the fun! And did I already mention that your kids are so amazingly cute? Well, I just did.

Rob said...

Love all these pics...crystal looks so beautiful in that pic with the watermelon!