Jayne Middie

July 11, 2009

My sister-in-law recently gave a little history of the name they chose for their baby girl born a couple months ago on her blog. It dawned on me after reading it that I've never made a formal post on the whereabouts of any of our children's names when they were born. Many of you already know the history, especially if we talked about it in person, but I thought it would be fun to document here on the bloggy blog for any readers out there who don't know and may be curious. Baby names are on the brain these days with baby boy coming just around the corner, and I think it's so fun to hear about other people's name choices for their kids and how they came up with them. So... here we go!

I knew for a long time that my first daughter would be named Jayne (late elementary/beginning of middle school, maybe?). I was one of those girls that made baby name lists before I had even held a boy's hand. I always daydreamed about my future husband and family and couldn't wait to be a mom. I think that would greatly explain my current life!

Having a "y" in my name always made me feel pretty special. Not just any average Dana, people (sorry to any Dana's out there, ha). I actually secretly enjoyed that people couldn't spell my name right 100% of the time and I'd have to spell it out for them, or correct them when they made a mistake (but of course I'd roll my eyes for dramatic purposes like it was such a hassle...;). Maybe that just makes me weird, but so it was.

My middle name is Jane, so on the top of my baby lists was always Jane, but with a "Y", because like my own first name, I didn't want my daughter to be any average Jane - she was going to be different and special and she was gonna love correcting people when they spelled her name wrong, just like I did. It didn't hurt that I dated a guy who had a sister with the name Jayne (yes, with a Y!) so it further confirmed to me that the spelling wasn't that out there and his sister was (still is) gorgeous and wonderful, so that left me with only good feelings of the name (as opposed to loving a name, but then meeting some awful person with that name and hating it forever, you know what I mean?).

So that's how Jayne came about.

As for the middle name...we had a harder time deciding on a middle name when I was pregnant with Jayne. Not because we couldn't find one we liked, but it was just really hard to decide from the many we were considering! We are pretty sentimental when it comes to names and we love doing family names. We bounced around a bunch of wonderful family names, but for some reason, Steve's Grandma's name kept jumping into our minds whenever we thought about what her middle name should be. His Grandma's name is actually Mildred, but she goes by Middie, so we went with Middie instead of Mildred because it just seemed to flow better with the name Jayne and that is what she goes by any way. You can read more about her namesake, and what makes her so special, here. One thing I feel really lucky about, is that we live about five minute away from Jayne's great Grandma Middie. Jayne loves going to her home and spending time with her and LOVES when she babysits.  I'm glad that as Jayne gets older she will have those memories with her "Middie Grandma" - I think it will make her name feel even more special and meaningful to her.

Her last name? Need I really explain? ;)

So, there you have it. Next up...... Mr. Vincent Eric!

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