Richards in NYC!!!

My Dad, being the total family man that he is, planned a crazy trip to NYC for all 26 of us the day after Christmas. He rented a bus and set us up in a hotel and everything. It was the most wild thing ever, but so much fun and something I think we will never forget. 

We left around 8am in the morning on Wednesday and got into the city that afternoon. It was snowing like crazy, Steve and I were a little skeptical about how it was going to pan out, and thought it might be a nightmare of a trip, but tried to remain positive. Our prediction was manifest when Jayne started having a major meltdown 15 minutes after we arrived to Rockefeller Center. Steve tried to calm her down by taking her into the American Doll Store, but she just wasn't having it. He carried a screaming-bloody-murder Jayne down to St. Patrick's Cathedral where the rest of us were inside warming up our bodies. We decided we needed to just get her in the stroller so she could cry it out and go to sleep. She was beyond reason at this point and was so exhausted having not had a nap on the bus drive over. As we're getting her in the stroller, a random woman comes over to us and says "I can see she is very upset. If you just pick her up and hold her, and show her love, she will calm down." REALLY? WHAT GENIUS ADVICE! HOW COME WE DIDN'T THINK OF THAT?!?! While I wanted to smack the lady across the face and tell her to mind her own business (partly kidding), I just said "thank you" and booked it away from crazy lady as fast as I could. Jayne continued to scream bloody murder all the way down to FAO Schwartz. I'm pretty sure by the looks we got that people were convinced we had kidnapped her. Pretty funny in retrospect, but at the time I was ready to call it quits and head home. 

BUT! ALAS! The minute we got into FAO Schwartz Jayne totally perked up, stopped crying, and was a perfect gem. Bipolar? Miracle? Not so sure, but I was thrilled!!!!!!  She and Vinny enjoyed seeing all the toys and they didn't even care when we didn't buy them one single thing. Thank you children!!!  After FAO, we headed over to our cousins building for some take out Patsy's pizza and dessert. We all hung out in the common room and chatted and let the kids run around for a couple of hours before heading to the hotel to bed. We ended the night on a good note and thankfully, only good things were in store the rest of our time there!

Thursday morning we had an early breakfast at the hotel and then jumped on the bus to go see the 9/11 memorial. Steve and I had been there before, but it was fun to see again and to take our kids. We explained to Jayne a brief history of 9/11 and her face was so concerned and sweet as we did so. Vinny was super excited about the "waterfalls" there, and the weather was much better than the day before - still chilly but no snow!

After the memorial, we jumped back on the bus and headed to the Empire State Building. It was fun to go to the top and see the incredible views of the city. On the way out both kids fell asleep in the stroller as we strolled down Broadway and headed over to Shake Shack for lunch. I was in heaven with my Shack Burker and fries and concrete shake. OH yeah. What I would give for one right now....

When the kids woke up (2 hours later, thankyouverymuch) we treated them to happy meals before heading to Radio City Hall for the Christmas Spectacular! By that point it was dark outside and while walking over, the kids were mesmerized by all the tall buildings, big screen TVs, colorful lights, and throngs of people. They have never seen anything like that before in their lives!

The Christmas Spectacular was amazing and the kids LOVED it. Jayne was hypnotized by the dancers and young ballerina (she is pretty good at imitating her moves to this day, we need to get that girl in a ballet class!) and even Vinn watched a majority of the show before getting distracted (that's impressive considering he can usually only manage sitting through one Yo Gabba Gabba show at a time). 

After the show we jumped back on the bus, picked up sandwiches from a local deli shop and then drove through the night back home. We got into our parents place around 12:30am, packed our stuff, went to bed at 2am and then woke up 2 hours later to head to the airport to fly back home. PHEW! It was a miracle that the kids did really well on the airplane and slept the entire second leg. I would say Steve and I did surprisingly well with only two hours of sleep. It felt good to be back. 

Thanks for the good memories NYC! See you soon, we hope!


Kim & Clay said...

I didn't know you did this, you party animal! Fun.

Brittany Simmons said...

ok- i love that you guys did this. seriously cracks me up! you guys are troopers. there is nothing worse than having a toddler meltdown in nyc- people give you awful stares and their unsolicited advice all at the same time. but glad you had fun and ate at some good nyc staples!