iphone photos/playing catch up!

steve took jayne on a daddy daughter date to see rapunzel

v being goofy with mr potato head glasses

super flattering baby bump shot. oh yeah.

baby loooves cafe rio

more baby bump bathroom selfies... oh boy.

byu basketball!

Sweet Emory Jane was born on Mar 1

Soaking in my last days with my baby

sibs. wussup.

what?! they aren't fighting?!

haha. good times at maglebys fresh.

celebrated my Grandpa Gibbs' 90th birthday

Trying to coax baby Frankie out of utero with his cousin

a sleepy Jayne at Sunday dinner

My little artist

Story time with my little man

I'm huge!


I think I thought my hair looked awesome. Or something.

Seriously. Huge. 

Babies! Playdate at the tumble gym with friends.

Walking over to Crystal's house in the rain

Birthday dinner with my other boyfriend

You guys... why did I feel the need to capture every growth of my belly?

Birthday art from Jayne. Me with my balloons.

Me flying with Jayne. Love her.

Love him too.

My amazing cake that Monette made for me! The very best!

Little boy.

Funny girl.


More cute artwork by Jayne

Getting spoiled now that I am overdue

Pet store with Vinny

Jayne dresses herself now

Monkey selfie

Frankie and Charlie

My little monkey

My sweet mom took Jayne to Disney on Ice for me while I was overdue and waiting for baby to come. My doctor was worried I'd come very quickly and my mom and Steve didn't want me taking Jayne and be alone up in SLC if anything were to happen. But my mom and Jayne had a great time. These pictures crack me up though because Jayne is not always the best at smiling for the camera. 

Gigi took Jayne to get her own huge ice cream, a snow cone, and also to McDonalds for dinner!!! Lucky girl!!!

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