my lucky charm

Franklin Reuben Magleby
7 lb 14 oz
20 in
8:51 pm 
March 17, 2013
St. Patrick's Day

Named after Dayna's Father (Franklin Richards - also the name of her Grandfather and Great Great Grandfather) and her mother's ancestor from Ireland (Reuben McBride - seemed only appropriate for a St. Patty's baby!) who was the first person to do proxy baptisms in the Nauvoo Temple with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. 

He has Jayne's coloring, lips, and mouth. 

Vinny's furrowed brow and old man wrinkled forehead. 

While he appears to be very bald, 
he has a lot of bright blonde hair all over his head. 

He is a great eater and sleeper and we are all smitten (even Vinny!).

Overwhelmed with all the love and joy felt during this time. 
Thanks for the kind words, gifts, and service. You know who you are. 


Alison said...

Congrats!! I have been wondering:) he is precious.

Angie said...

he is just perfect. love the name, how special! and i love this photo.