Cousins Camp!

This year was the 25th annual Porter Cousins Camp. Steve's Grandma has coordinated this lovely event with the help of her children and their spouses since Steve was 4 years old! With 9 children all having kids of their own (and their children marrying and having children), you can only imagine the size of the group that was there. It was quite the party!

This was the 3rd year it was held at Heber Valley Camp. It is such a large and beautiful campground and is perfect for our massive group. Over two days (with one overnight), the kids enjoy making crafts, playing in sandboxes, canoeing, participating in ropes course and zip line, playing outside and getting dirty, and eating lots of treats and food. It's awesome. The adults enjoy the activities as well, but mainly enjoy visiting with one another and catching up on everybody's lives, as we don't always see each other too often. And while we didn't sleep up at the camp Friday night (and instead came home to our own home so our two littlest could get a decent nights sleep), Jayne had her first overnight up at cousins camp. Special thanks to Aunt Kate for sharing her pillow and getting woken up on occasion throughout the night. But Jayne was thrilled! We came back Saturday for all the activities, and then Saturday afternoon, everyone left the camp and headed up to Steve's parents cabin at Sundance for a service project (fleece quilts for the needy) and a dinner of J-dawgs and homemade ice cream. 

Vinny had a blast playing with the toy trucks Grandma brought (that Grandma... she is something else!), eating lots of oreos, throwing lots of dirt and rocks, hiking, and the occasional interaction with cousins his age. ha. Jayne had been looking forward to cousins camp for weeks, and was in heaven playing with all the little girl cousins that are her age. I am so grateful for all the wonderful family we have on both sides and all the little cousins for Jayne and Vinny. Even though they are not their first cousins, they are family, and it is the very best! They are already looking forward to next year's cousins camp!

Now on to the photos...

^Jayne happy to be reunited with all the girl cousins her age. Quinn is only 9 months older and a head taller than Jayne! (Her parents are both very tall)^
^Backpacks to be filled with snacks and water for the hikes and activities. Perfect color to not get lost from the group^
^So many new babies this year. Can't believe a year ago I wasn't even pregnant.^
^tender moment^
^Best Grandma ever brought a few trucks for Vinny at the camp. She knows him all too well.^
^The Porter clan getting dressed in their shirts!^
^Jayne was ecstatic about her own pink sand bucket^
^This sweet boy would easily tucker out in peoples arms throughout the day. Love him.^
^Learning the infamous Daddy trick early in life^
^Vinny with his 'cool backpack' feeling pretty awesome on the hike^
^BIG and little^
^the inevitable bum crack saying hello at the big sandbox filled with little cousins^
^me and my little man. and before you red sox fans go hating on me for wearing this hat, just know that I know nothing about baseball and bought this when my bro was in med school at cornell. so settle down now. ;)^
^Kiddies on the boat^
^Campfire drawing in people close as the temperatures drop^
^Frankie getting some snuggle action from his other mommy^
^Maybe my favorite photo out of the bunch. The kids were playing hide and seek with me and Grandma was helping them hide. When they came around the corner to see if I was there... well, their faces tell it all.^
^Nuttin better than oreos and chillin with family^
^Vinny wanting in on the football passing^
^My favorite part of cousins camp is the mingling and catching up on everybody's lives. But we certainly missed having Steve's sister Lauren and her family there.^
^awesome oreo face^
^Jayne in Cousin Camp heaven^
^Frankie and Gramps^
^Watching the slideshow that was made in honor of Grandma Porter's 80th Birthday^
^Saturday morning crafts. We made glitter clips!^
^More of this freaking cute face^
^These two getting their coloring on^
^The boys made bow and arrows^
^mmmmmmm yum^
^Oh hey there hot stuff^
^Kate and her boyfriend making out^
^Love him^
^Jayne made her very own princess crown. Lovin her messy hair and oreo face. She truly lived it up!^
^More mingling up at the cabin^
^Fleece blankets tied for service project^
^Dessert! Homemade ice cream sundaes^
^So hard to say goodbye^

Thanks for a memorable time, Grandma!


Lauren Elizabeth said...

I loved everything about this!! I'm sad we missed it. I almost cried. August couldn't come fast enough.

Kate Magleby said...

Hahaha the kissing one of me and vinn looks so funny. We were making funny faces then kissing so it looks like I'm a fish

Kim & Clay said...

I hope I do this kind of thing when I'M a grandma. How fun! P.S. Can I have Frankie? Please?