Flower girl.

I had an especially fun morning shooting my favorite little girl with one of her very favorite things - flowers. She got to pick out the ones that went in her hair and the one she is holding. Of course they are mostly all pink because "pink and rainbow" are her favorite colors. ;)

Anytime we go outside, without fail, Jayne will pick flowers. It doesn't matter where we are, she will find them. Anytime we walk to the park she will add to her "collection" which she says we will save to give to her friends or family members or to use for her birthday party (which is not for another month). She loves building her own bouquets at Grandma's, and has asked on more than one occasion to plant more flowers in our yard. Flowers usually make an appearance in her artwork too.

I have made a personal goal to get my camera out and take more portraits of my kids. One child every week. We'll see if I can keep it up. I get too comfortable with just my phone, and while those pictures are convenient and fun (especially when it comes to sharing with friends and family on a daily basis), I want some nicer quality photos of my children as they are growing up.

Turns out flowers make for the perfect prop for taking pictures of this child. While she would normally roll her eyes and want nothing to do with my camera (I have ruined her over the years with all my picture taking!), she was surprisingly willing and let me take pictures of her to my hearts content. 

Sure do love that Jaynie girl of mine. 


Lauren Elizabeth said...

Love her jumpsuit ! She looks gorgeous. I need you to teach me more your ways with the camera!!

Kate Magleby said...

She looks so big. I love pretty Jaynie