Strawberry Days!

I can't believe Strawberry Days is already here! I feel like the summer flies by so fast once Strawberry Days hits. I mean, the fourth of July and Jayne's birthday are just around the corner! How did that even happen?! It's kind of insane how quickly the past year has gone by. Slow down!

Instead of attending the SD Rodeo like we have in years past, we decided to ditch the idea of taking three little people to the late show and decided it'd be much more fun for them (and us really) if we went to the SD Carnival instead. We went on a few rides, bought the Strawberries and Cream (which is what we get most excited about anyway) and a funnel cake, and called it a night. It was great!
^this girl loved the rides. she hopped right in while V took a little more time to warm up^
^Oh to be a kid!^
^Blowing me kisses^
^We got there just in time. They ran out of strawberries a minute later!^
^Get in my belly!^
^Can't attend a carnival without purchasing a funnel cake, am I right?^
^Reassuring Vinny that the rides are FUN and not SCARY^
(for such a tough kid he is afraid of a lot of things)
^I think he likes it!!!^
^These two...!!!^
^perfect occasion to bust out the red boots^
^And of course, the frequent request for me to "come lower so I can kiss Frankie"^

We love Strawberry Days!

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