princess festival

I took Jayne to the Thanksgiving Point Princess Festival again this year. They raised the prices. A LOT. So we made the best of it as this will be the last year we ever go. We decided we'd create our own princess festival next year - one with less crowds, more fun activities for the girls, and practically zero cost. But it was fun dressing her up and getting together with my sister and a couple friends and their girls (Savannah, Ellie, and Kate) for the day. Poor Elyse was their too, and sick as can be. She may have barfed in one of the trash cans while we were there. Before you go thinking I forced her to come, let it be known that I heavily advised her to stay home and take it easy (she got sick the day before) but she was as determined as could be to be there and witness it all. 

On the way out of the park we walked by the water play area. If Jayne finds water, she'll be down to her skivvies in no time. It was like the cherry on top of the perfect princess day for her. And while the day may have cost an arm and a leg, can't put a price tag on the joy I had watching this little girl live it up. Sure love my Jaynie girl. 

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