other photos worth mentioning/playing catch up/picture overload

photos worth mentioning from the past two months, in no particular order. this is me, playing major catch up on my blog.

frankie's favorite thing - downward dog yoga position when crawling around (I think he is going to be an early walker like his Dad):

my newest little niece was born! she is #4 following 3 older brothers... sweet Emily Marie Richards:

a cute picture I found on my phone... (jayne must really like those shoes):

brother and sisterly love, in their undies:

jayne's preschool photo:

Our distinguished gentleman in his Sunday best (suit from Grandma):

"I eat my cupcake all gone mom" (at Henry's birthday party):

A sister and her little brother:

Family time at Sundance:

sweet Franklin:

Family pool time:

Jayne's first day at preschool:

Warm September evenings:

Sleeping chair:

Jayne being creative:

Riverwoods movie and carousel:

Campfire with friends:

Provo Temple:

Jayne's first cookie fundraiser for Acacia Shade:

Diaper mishap:

I like taking pictures of Jayne when she's asleep:

Frank's first rice cereal:

Violet (and her mama) came to town!:

Frankie Frank:

Sibling love:

Jayne's first soccer practice:

Lots of family bike rides:

Frankie's first BYU football game:


Park City with the Christensons:

Mama and Frankie:

Kids love their baby brother:

Jumping in the rain! In their undies!:

Costco trips:

Date nights:

Sleepy baby:

Drooly baby:

More sleepy Jayne:

Soaking in the last of summer:

blue eyes:

Shopping trip with the boys:

Raspberry picking with friends:

Birthday party for her friend Josy:

Mindy Gledhill concert:

you get the point:

Jayne pulled him out of his exersaucer without me knowing:

trip to the zoo with friends!:

Dirty bums:

Electric Run with my gal Courtney Pratt (while they were filming the Bachelor):

Jayne loves her Daddy:


Vinny wishing he was still the baby:

we bought an ergo baby (and we love it):

more fun bike rides (too lazy to organize these all together...ha):

cousins share an excersaucer:

baking with Aunt Lauren:

flowers from my boyfriend:

my other boyfriend:

lots of tumble gym fun:

this boy:

conference weekend:

steve and vinny are twins:

so what i love sleeping babies, ok?:

beautiful weekend getaway in PC:

teaching V the art of graham crackers and milk:

frankie's 6 month check up (at 7 months):

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